2022 Pre-season Disc Golf Pro Tour rankings – MPO field

Disc golf season is just two weeks away. So I got to drop my pre-season rankings.

TLDR; here are my top 25 players on tour going into the season

1. Ricky Wysocki
2. Paul McBeth
3. Eagle McMahon
4. Calvin Heimburg
5. Chris Dickerson
6.Kyle Klien
7. Adam Hammes
8.Kevin Jones
9. Drew Gibson
10. Matty O
11. Andrew Marwede
12. Viano M
13. Joel Freeman
14. Nikko Locastro  
15. Nate Sexton
16. Mason Ford
17. Gannon Buhr
18. Anthony Barela
19. James Conrad

Breakout stars (top 25 in any order but can crack the top 20 and make moves!)

20. Simon Lizotte
21. Andrew Presnell
22. Corey Ellis
23. Cale Leviska
24. Niklas Anttila
25. Jordan Castro / Bradley Williams

Now let’s get into why I got my players where I do.

The Elite Tier – Top 3 Top 3

These players are the top 3 and are a slight tier above anyone else in the. These 3 players can have a dominant season on tour which is difficult to do in today’s competitive landscape. But they’re that good. And are expected to always be fighting for that dub on Sunday.

Ricky Wysocki (#1)

The top player last season. Ricky was dominant all year. As known, the top 3 can be changed and I wouldn’t disagree. But I don’t see Ricky having any slump. Especially with him throwing Trilogy plastic again (he won two world championships – Dagger highlights incoming).

Paul McBeth #2

Pablo McBeth had a roller coaster season. Starting off the season he didn’t get a dub until he won DDO (Dynamic Discs Open). But then struggled throughout the season (he was good but not elite like we are used too seeing). Then worlds and USDGC happened and guess what. We all remembered why he’s the GOAT. If Conrad doesn’t make the ‘holy shot’ Paul arguably has as good or even better a season than Ricky. I expect Paul to play top notch this season. Especially as he’ll be chasing Ricky down. I believe more have Ricky ahead of Paul and that will drive Paul. I expect his putting to be phenomenal and clutch asf.

Eagle McMahon #3

Rounding up the top 3 is none other than Eagle. There is some concern after his injury last year but all news seems to show he’s healthy and ready to compete. The biggest hurdle for Eagle is staying consistent on wooded courses. He’s shown he can do it but he struggles more (and mentally) than he does on ball golf courses. If he can showcase his skills in the woods like he does in the open… that’s a scary sight.

Ricky and Paul will be battling until the end. With Eagle on their heels

Chase Card Greatness

These are the players that I expect will make a run at a great season. Each with the skills to overtake one of the top 3 for a podium like season.

Calvin Heimburg #4

Vinny… aka Mr consistent? Known as always in the mix. Last season however he wasn’t as consistent. But he did make up for it (kinda?) He tied at Ledgestone along with Ricky. And his skills are 2nd to none. He beat Eagle in his own backyard (the Discmania match play) to take it down. Calvin is still young and can be elite among the elite if he starts to piece his game together and get himself a major and some more elite series win

Chris Dickerson #5

Mr. Robot Chicken himself. Aka the Tennessee Terror. Haha, the man has plenty of nicknames and plenty of accomplishments to go with it. One of the best and smoothest players on tour. Chris is right on the heels of the top 3. If he can be consistent all year and make his putts. He has as good of a chance as anyone to take down tournaments. Arguably the best woods player on tour along with Paul.

Kyle Klien #6

I kept going back and forth on this. Between even jumping him ahead of Calvin and Chris. Kyle won rookie of the year. Then most improved. And he’s just starting off. How does he start off and finish this season? It seemed like he was just warming up. He has shown he can compete at all levels. I expect Kyle to take down another elite series win. And he (along with KJUSA) can make a run to finish among the top 3.

Adam Hammes #7

Wisconsin’s top player – Hammes is someone who I need to put in that category of dethroning. He’s boom or bust at times (DGPT semi’s and championship showed us). But when he is man oh man is he lethal. His putter is top 2 and it’s not 2. And his forehand is impeccable. If Hammes puts it all together he can be the top dawg.

Kevin Jones #8

JumpPuttJones. We know the skills he has and he’s the lowest rated on my list that I think can also jump into the top 3 and or even the top position. Backhand (check), forehand (check), putts (spin, push and jump … check-check-check). Not to mention a lethal grenade shot that comes in handy. We’ve seen what he can do. He should’ve taken down Portland but hole 15 was manslaughter. Now as the face of Prodigy. We will see if KJ raises in the moment or stays where he’s at. Nonetheless, too talented of a player to not be in the top 10 this season.

Drew Gibson #9

Someone who for the last 3 seasons has been too high or low in rankings. Seems to now belong in the top 10 without much debate. Drew Gibson is one of my favorite players. Alongside Vinny. Perhaps the nicest backhand on tour. We now expect him to excel. However he needs to be clutch and not have his stretches where costly mistakes cost him a tournament. Gibson may continue to move up throughout the season.

The remaining  10 – 15th

Matty O #10

Matty O is my top 10. Just due to the runs he was making last season and his skillset. However I don’t know if he can take down an elite tour. He’s close and will have a couple podium finishes. But a dub (well not too surprising) would not see coming. Due to how competitive the field is. But Matty O always comes to play

Andrew Marwede #11

Marwede showed his skills last year towards the end of the season. Showcasing his finesse skills in the woods and almost taking down Idlewild against young Kyle Klein, In a playoff. With a new sponsor (DGA) behind him. I think Andrew stays in the top 15 rankings all year with a push up halfway through the season.

Andrew Marwede lining up a FH drive

Väinö Mäkelä #12

He’s the top rated player in Europe. Has a strong arm (FH and BH). I expect this year we’ll see more of Europe’s top stars. I’ll be keeping an eye to see how he stacks up this year.

Joel Freeman #13

You can’t miss him on tour. Joel has shown he can compete. His forehand is top tier. And he was making runs towards the end of the season. He has the experience to compete and will be on multiple lead cards.

Nikko Locastro #14

I might get hate for this… but I stand by it. Nikko can play. I think people continue to count him out (or root against him) and it drives his fuel. He plays with a chip on his shoulder. His game is getting better with age and if he stays calm (well fueled up) and puts his game together. I think he can win another elite series or major this year. It would not surprise him. Now we just wait to see who is his sponsor(s).

Nate Sexton #15

Safe Nate? Nah, Nate is just one of the best players on tour. He understands his game and has a game plan to approach the course. He’s shown he can compete at the top level. He had multiple podiums, including 3rd at Worlds. Impressive!
I think Nate is someone who has a few years left to be at the top. His floor is high… the question is what is his ceiling? Can it still beat out the 1070 rated rounds from top players. We shall see…

Mason Ford #16

The music city open champion showed he can compete with the big dawgs. He took down #1 Ricky Wyoski last year. In a playoff. Being clutch asf by parking that drive. He’s been going hard this offseason. With a new sponsor, we should expect more of Mason on tour this year. He’s a raising star

Gannon Burh #17

Young Gun Gannon. Perhaps the most promising young player on tour. When I say young I mean under 18. There is a lot of up-coming talent. Gannon is cut above. He made a run at the Preserve and DGPT championships. As his mental game sharpens, there is no telling what the Prodigy Protege becomes.

Anthony Barela #18

Arizona’s own AB. Anthony Barela is the definition of boom or bust at times. But sheesh when he’s on he can compete with anyone… including the top 5. He’s only 23 and is starting

James Conrad #19

I almost didn’t have Conrad in my top 20. But I sat on it and decided I needed to give this man his props. Entering his 2nd season with MVP, he should have flipper discs, be more in tune with them. I think he’ll be hungry to prove too others he still has that eliteness in him. It seems this year more than others (people aren’t giving him his credit). The season will tell if I’m a fool for having him this low or if he drops below the top 20. Nonetheless it’s always fun seeing Conrad make the Cx2 putts.

Rounding up the top 25 players on tour

Simon Lizotte #20

I can’t wait to see him bomb this year. He’s shown it on his vlog this season. He will quickly raise if he does well in his tournaments and plays enough to stay on track to qualify for the DGPT championship. PS have you seen him casually ripping 700+ feet? Geez. Can’t wait to see what Simon does this year. I feel his game is going to be sharpened now that he is more cautious with the stress he puts on his elbow.

Andrew Presnell #21

Presenall has one of the best overall games and is often overlooked (including by me). But he seems to finish in the top 10 more often than not. I’ll be keeping an eye on him this season and see how he fares out.

Corey Ellis #22

This man has the best Cx1 and Cx2 putting percentage. Yet he’s not in the top 10. If he can fix his game together and have more consistent approached and drives. Corey can easily sneak into the rtop 15 and have a chance at the top 10.

Cale Leviska #23

Dr. Smooth. Cale has one of the best backhand forms. He made a great run against Nikko last year at WACO. He is going to dedicate more time on tour this year. I expect him to make the DGPT championship

Niklas Anttila #24

I don’t know much about him to be honest. But he’s Europe’s 2nd rated player. So I likely have him too low. In the coming years I expect to see more

Jordan Castro / Bradley Williams #25

This is cheating. But both players are two I’m bullish on. I think one of these two is going to have a breakout season. If I had to choose one, I’m leaning with Jordan Castro.

Wrapping up our rankings:

I’ll be updating this every week once the season starts. I can’t wait. Especially to see which player raises to the spotlight and catches the world by storm.

My FPO rankings will drop next week. It’ll be a top 15 list. One of the things I will focus on more this season is watching additional FPO coverage and/or having someone assist with content on that side. It’ll be featured on our weekly newsletter

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