About The Albatross


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Avid Disc Golfers

We came into this sport and immediately fell in love with it.

Not only do we follow the sport, trends and stories. Aside from curating and creating, we play the sport. The only thing better than writing about disc golf? Playing disc golf. Thankfully this blog involves both at times.

Producing Birdie Content

We strive to bring you quality content that is worth sharing. While keeping you informed on PDGA and DGPT tournaments and news.

That includes covering the growing sport and the culture within. Especially around discs. The throwers and collectors market is still in the early days and hype will only grow for certain discs. While companies also ramp up production to meet the growing demand.

In the Bag/Cart

Some values and goals of this blog


Aside from consistent coverage, recap and blog pieces. We want to drop awesome content that goes more in depth. Those rare pieces that become hits.

Our Story

We love disc golf just like you. Hopefully this blog adds to that addiction. We want to be your trusted resource for news, reviews and stories in disc golf