The awaited James Conrad 201 PDGA World Champion discs are coming

MVP releasing James Conrad edition disc to celebrate.

Atlas, we are getting James Conrad MVP discs. And it couldn’t be a better time after this world championship.

What’s dropping?

James Conrad SIGNATURE Electron Envy

3 | 3 | -1 | 2

James Conrad Commemorative Electron Firm Envy

3| 3 | -1 |2

James Conrad Electron Soft Nomad SPECIAL EDITION

2 | 4 | 1 | 0

James Conrad SIGNATURE Electron Nomad

2 | 4 | 0 | 1

Where to cop?

Rumor has it that MVP is only selling to retailers currently. With no plans to sell to individuals in the mean time as they ramp up production. We recommend checking out your local retailers to see if they expect to get the drop and sell them.

Here are a few online retailers that are currently taking pre-orders.

Nice1 Disc Golf

DFX Discs

You can also pre-order through their form here:

Demand and prediction?

MVP makes quality discs and doesn’t experience as much of high resale market but things are getting hotter for MVP. Especially after that shot. We expect these discs to sell out. Maybe not right away but eventually and likely sooner than later.

With the value of them to increase over time. Especially for misprints or special colors.

From MVP social media… Did you think the celebration was over? Not by a long shot!
Swipe through to see what’s heading your way in celebration of our 2021 PDGA World Champion: James Conrad!

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