15 Best Disc Golf Putters to Lower Your Score By 11+ Strokes

When it comes to disc golf, the importance of a reliable putter cannot be overstated. The putter is the most commonly used disc in your bag, and having the perfect one may have a huge impact on your game and help you decrease your score. Choosing the appropriate putter is critical whether you’re a beginner wanting to enhance your putting skills or a seasoned golfer looking to shave off those additional strokes. In this post, we’ll look at 15 of the greatest disc golf putters known for helping players cut their scores by 11 or more strokes.

Understanding Disc Golf Putters

Putters are a sort of disc that is used in the sport of disc golf. They are intended for short-range shots, often within 100 feet of the target, and are primarily utilised for basket shots or controlled approach shots.

They have a slower speed, a higher glide, and a more stable flight than other types of discs used in disc golf, such as drivers and mid-range discs. To facilitate a comfortable grip and consistent release, they are frequently built with a shallow rim depth and a blunt snout.

Putter flight characteristics include a straight flight path with little turn and a moderate fade towards the end of the flight. This gives golfers more control and precision while pitching putters from shorter distances.

You can find putters in a number of plastic blends, each with its own level of grip, durability, and feel. They commonly employ basic plastics (such as DX, D-Line, or Prime), premium plastics (such as Star, Z-Line, or Opto), and specialty blends (such as Electron, Jawbreaker, or Zero Medium).

Players frequently choose putters depending on personal choice, comfort, and playing style. When looking for the best putter, consider grip, stability, and overall feel in the hand. Disc golfers frequently carry multiple putters in their bags to handle varied shots and changing wind conditions.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Disc Golf Putter

When choosing a disc golf putter, several variables should be considered:


A putter’s weight influences its stability and control. Lighter putters are more understable, making them ideal for players with less throwing strength. On the other hand, heavier putters provide more stability and are chosen by players with greater throwing power.


Putters have three stability ratings: overstable, stable, and understable. Overstable putters are resistant to spinning and are ideal for shots requiring a constant, straight trajectory. Stable putters provide versatility by balancing overstable and understable features. Understable putters are suitable for shots that require a delicate, controlled fade (for right-handed players).

Hold and Grip: 

A putter’s hold and grip are critical for a comfortable and confident throw. Experiment with various putters until you discover one that feels secure and comfortable in your hand. The grip should be sufficiently sticky to keep the disc from slipping during your throw.


Putters suffer from severe wear and tear, especially when used repeatedly. Choosing a putter with good durability means that it will be able to resist the demands of the game while still maintaining its flight characteristics over time.

The 15 Best Disc Golf Putters: Enhancing Your Game

Choosing the right putter can have a significant impact on your performance on the course. In this section, we will look at the 15 greatest disc golf putters on the market right now, taking into account their design, flight characteristics, durability, and overall performance.

1. Aviar Innova 

The Innova Aviar is a traditional putter that is popular among disc golfers all around the world. Its consistent flight path, outstanding control, and versatility make it an excellent pick for both experienced and inexperienced players. The Aviar is available in a variety of polymers, each with varying degrees of stability and grip. Its beadless shape and comfortable grip allow for a consistent release and smooth flight, giving it a perfect choice for precision putts and short-range approaches.

2. Dynamic Discs Judge 

The Dynamic Discs Judge is a well-known putter that is noted for its dependability and versatility. It has a comfortable grip and a shallow rim, making it easy to grip for players of all skill levels. The Judge’s flight characteristics allow for precise putts and consistent performance due to its excellent glide and accuracy. It comes in a variety of plastic blends with varied degrees of stability, making it suited to various throwing methods and weather situations.

3. Discmania P2

The Discmania P2 is a well-regarded putter with a large following in the disc golf world. It’s well-known for its outstanding stability, steady flight, and pleasant grip. The P2 performs admirably in windy situations, providing for precise and controlled putts. It is a flat top, and its modest glide makes it a dependable choice for both putting and tee-to-ball. With a variety of plastic materials and stiffness levels to choose from, players may choose the ideal P2 to suit their preferences and playing style.

4. Latitude 64 Pure

The Latitude 64 Pure is a well-liked putter that combines stability, glide, and control. Its straight flight path, and low fade make it a dependable choice for both putting and approach strokes. The Pure’s smooth grip and narrow rim enable a confident release, improving accuracy and consistency. Players can choose the Pure that best suits their preferences and playing style from a variety of plastic blends, including premium and baseline plastics.

5. Gateway Wizard

The Gateway Wizard is a versatile putter with a devoted following. It has a comfortable grip and a consistent flight path. Because of its consistency, the Wizard is a perfect choice for players who desire a regular release and predictable fade. It is a one-of-a-kind design, and the medium-depth rim provides excellent control whether driving off the tee or hitting short-range putts. The Wizard is available in a variety of plastics, each with a different level of grip and durability.

6. MVP Electron Atom

The MVP Electron Atom putter is well-known for its straight and consistent flight. The Atom has exceptional control and accuracy because of its comfortable grip and smooth release. It has little fade, making it a dependable choice for both putting and approach strokes. The Atom’s long-lasting plastic composition offers long-lasting performance even with heavy use. The MVP Electron Atom is a flexible putter that may improve your game whether you are a novice or a seasoned player.

7 . Westside Discs Harp

The Westside Discs Harp is a dependable and flexible putter built for precise approaches and putts. Its overstable flying path enables consistent fades and consistent finishes. The Harp’s flat top and soft grip allow for a solid release even in inclement weather. It is especially popular with players who desire a more overstable putter for windy conditions and short-range shots. Players can discover the Harp that best suits their preferences and playing style by selecting from a variety of plastic alternatives, including luxury and baseline plastics.

8. Discraft Luna

The Discraft Luna putter was built in partnership with Paul McBeth and is well-known for its versatility and feel. It has a comfortable grip and a consistent flight path. The steadiness of the Luna enables for accurate putts and controlled approaches. It performs well in windy circumstances, making it a go-to putter for those looking for consistency in a variety of weather conditions. The Discraft Luna is available in a variety of plastic blends, including the premium blend known as ESP, giving golfers alternatives to fit their preferences and improve their performance on the course.

9. Axiom Envy

The Axiom Envy is a popular putter that uniquely combines stability and glide. Its overstable flight path offers steady fades and consistent finishes, making it a good choice for approach shots as well as confident putts. The soft grip and narrow rim design of the Envy enable for a controlled release and improved accuracy. It is available in a variety of plastic compositions, including the premium Cosmic Neutron plastic, which adds durability and grip. The Axiom Envy is a solid putter for those looking for consistent flight and performance.

10. Streamline Pilot

The Streamline Pilot is a dependable putter built for straight and regular flights. It has a comfortable grip and a smooth release, giving golfers more control and accuracy. The neutral flight path of the Pilot ensures low fade and consistent finishes, making it suited for both putting and approach shots. The Streamline Pilot’s several plastic alternatives, including the popular Electron material, let players select the ideal grip balance and durability. The Streamline Pilot can help you improve your putting game, whether you are a novice or an expert player.

11. Legacy Clutch

The Legacy Clutch putter is straight and stable, with constant flight characteristics. It has a beadless construction and a comfortable grip that allows for a smooth release. Because of its straight trajectory and controllable fade, the Clutch is a popular choice for putting and approaching shots.

12. Prodigy PA-1

The Prodigy PA-1 is an overstable putter that is best suited for driving and approaching shots. It has a constant flight path and a consistent fade, making it ideal for those who like a more overstable putter. The PA-1 has a comfortable grip and a consistent performance on the course.

13. Kastaplast Reko

The Kastaplast Reko putter is well-known for its straight flight and adaptability. It has a comfortable grip and little fade, allowing players to hit precise, controlled shots. Because of its neutral flight characteristics, the Reko is a popular choice for putting and approach shots.

14. MVP Ion

The MVP Ion is a solid putter with a slight fade and a straight flight. It has a comfortable grip and a consistent release, making it ideal for both putting and driving. The Ion’s consistent performance and smooth flight make it a popular choice among players of all skill levels.

15. Prodigy PA-3

The Prodigy PA-3 putter has a flat top and a steady trajectory. It has a straight flight path with a mild fade at the conclusion, making it suited for all skill levels. The PA-3 has a comfortable grip and a consistent performance on the putting green.

Disc Golf PuttersFlight Ratings
Dynamic Discs Judge2.0, 4.0, 0.0, 1.0
Innova Aviar2.0, 3.0, 0.0, 1.0
Prodigy PA-13.0, 3.0, 0.0, 2.0
Discraft Luna3.0, 3.1, -0.1, 2.3
Latitude 64 Pure3.0, 3.2, -0.5, 0.6

Tips for Improving Your Putting Game

Here are some putting game improvement ideas to help you get the most out of your selected putter:

Experiment with your stance, grip, and release: 

Concentrate on establishing a steady and comfortable putting position. Experiment with several grips to find one that gives you a good grip on the disc. Improve your release technique for a smooth and precise flight.

Establish Consistency and Routine: 

Developing a regular putting routine aids in the development of muscle memory and enhances accuracy. Create a routine that includes visualizing the line, taking a deep breath, and throwing with focus and confidence.

Drills and Exercises: 

Include drills and exercises in your practice sessions. To imitate genuine game scenarios, set up small targets or use ground markers. To improve accuracy and versatility, practice varied distances and angles.

Experiment with Multiple 

Putters: While the alternatives on the list are fantastic, don’t be afraid to test multiple putters to find the one that best suits your throwing style and preferences. Personal choice is important while selecting the right putter.


Choosing the correct disc golf putter can help you cut your score by 11+ strokes. When choosing your choice, consider the stability, weight, feel, and durability. Experiment with different putters to find one that fits your throwing style and feels well in your hand.

Remember that improving your putting game takes time, practice, and consistency. With the guidance of these high-quality disc golf putters, embrace the road of constant progress, enjoy the game, and aim to decrease your score.

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