Exploring The Best Innova Driver For Sidearm Throws

Finding the ideal driver to maximize your potential as a sidearm thrower is critical. Innova, a leading disc manufacturer, offers a variety of drivers designed for varied throwing techniques. This in-depth study investigates the best Innova drivers explicitly developed for sidearm throws. We’ll look at the finest options for unleashing the full potential of your sidearm game by combining thoughts from disc golf enthusiasts and professionals and personal experience.

Understanding Sidearm Throws 

Before we go into the specific Innova drivers, it’s essential to understand the foundations of sidearm throwing. Sidearm, often known as forehand, is a technique where players release the disc with their palm facing up with a flick or whip action. In certain instances, including navigating tight fairways or achieving a controlled fade, sidearm throws are advantageous. The approach necessitates discs with distinct qualities to optimize distance, accuracy, and overall performance. 

innova disc being thrown sidearm during a disc golf match


Factors to Consider When Choosing an Innova Driver for Sidearm

Here are some essential factors to consider when selecting a disc golf driver for sidearm shots:

1. Stability: 

Sidearm throws generate a lot of speed and torque, typically leading to unstable flights. Look for discs with a high stability rating (typically denoted by a negative number) to guarantee they can withstand torque and retain a predictable flight path. Overstable discs are resistant to tipping over and have a consistent fade at the end of their flight.

2. Speed: 

When compared to backhand throws, sidearm throws provide higher speed. Selecting a disc with a speed rating corresponding to your arm speed and power is critical. Faster discs necessitate greater arm speed to attain the desired flight characteristics. As a general rule, select a driver with a speed rating corresponding to your throwing skill.

3. Rim Design: 

A disc’s rim design significantly impacts how it feels and performs in a sidearm grip. Look for discs with a wide enough rim to provide a firm grip during sidearm throws. A flatter or slightly concave rim may also be more comfortable for sidearm grips, allowing for better control and release.

4. Glide and Distance: 

While stability is key for sidearm drives, finding a disc with a good combination of glide and distance potential is also important. Higher glide allows the disc to stay in the air for longer and travel further. However, it is critical to achieve a balance to avoid compromising too much control or stability for distance.

5. Plastic Type: 

The material used to make a disc can considerably impact its flight characteristics and longevity. Durable plastic blends, such as Star or Z-line, can withstand the torque created by sidearm throws without wearing out soon. Softer, more grippy polymers, such as G-star or ESP, can improve grip and control in your hand.

6. Personal Preference: 

Finally, the finest sidearm disc golf driver is one that fits your throwing style and feels good in your hand. Experimenting with various molds, weights, and polymers might assist you in finding the disc that best matches your sidearm style.

Individual throwing methods, arm speeds, and skill levels differ, so what works for one person may not work for another. Trying out different discs and getting advice from experienced players might help you identify the best sidearm driver for your game.

Best Innova Driver For Sidearm Throws

Innova is a popular disc golf brand known for its wide range of drivers. Here are some top Innova drivers that are often favored for sidearm throws, along with detailed reviews:

Innova Destroyer

The Innova Destroyer is widely considered one of the most versatile sidearm thrower drivers available. The Destroyer thrives in a variety of wind situations because of its excellent distance capability and consistent fade. Professional disc golfers love it because of its speed, stability, and consistent finish. Famous sidearm throwers like Simon Lizotte and Ricky Wysocki have used the Destroyer’s predictable flight path to great use. The variety of plastic blends available adds to the disc’s versatility, letting players choose a Destroyer that best suits their throwing style.

Innova Firebird

The Innova Firebird is an excellent alternative for controlled sidearm throws. The Firebird excels at handling headwinds, accurate approaches, and consistent hyzer shots thanks to its overstable flight path and steady fade. This driver is suited for players who like a more predictable and controllable flight. The rim design and plastic blends of the Firebird provide a pleasant grip and steady release, providing maximum accuracy and distance on sidearm throws. Many top players, notably Philo Brathwaite and Nate Sexton, swear by the Firebird for sidearm shots.

Innova Thunderbird

The Innova Thunderbird is a fantastic choice for sidearm throwers because it strikes a balance between distance and control. The Thunderbird is known for its constant flight and reliable straight-to-fade trajectory, letting players hit tight lines confidently. This driver is appropriate for intermediate and advanced players because of its moderate stability and consistent fade. The adaptability of the Thunderbird has earned it a devoted following among sidearm throwers such as Jeremy Koling and Paul McBeth. The Thunderbird has you covered whether you need a controlled fairway driver or a long-range bomber.

Innova Wraith

The Innova Wraith is a fast driver with great distance potential for sidearm throwers. The Wraith’s sleek appearance and stable flight enable for controlled, long-range shots. Many players enjoy its adaptability because it can handle a broad range of power levels while remaining stable. Ricky Wysocki and Avery Jenkins have used Wraith’s talents to improve their sidearm game.

Innova Shryke

The Innova Shryke is a good alternative for individuals looking for maximum distance with a sidearm throw. The Shryke’s high-speed design and dependable understable flight path allow for effortless distance and remarkable control. Because of its glide and stability, the Shryke is a favorite choice among sidearm throwers aiming to maximize their driving potential.

Innova Teebird

The Teebird is a fairway driver with a consistent flight path and exceptional sidearm control. It provides a good combination of stability and glide, making it appropriate for a wide range of shot forms. The flat top and comfy rim design of the Teebird makes it ideal for sidearm grips. For durability and grip, Champion and Star plastics are recommended.

Innova Destroyer 125-13
Innova Firebird 9302
Innova Thunderbird 9502
Innova Wraith115-13
Innova Shryke136-22
Innova Teebird7502

Wrapping It Up!

Choosing the appropriate driver as a sidearm thrower can dramatically improve your performance on the disc golf course. Innova, a name known for excellence, provides a remarkable selection of drivers designed specifically for sidearm throwers. The major candidates are the Innova Destroyer, Firebird, and Thunderbird, each with its own set of strengths and flight characteristics. However, the decision is ultimately determined by your throwing style, skill level, and intended flight path. Experiment with several drivers and seek guidance from seasoned players to find the best Innova driver for your sidearm throws. So, take your place on the tee, release the power, and watch your sidearm game fly to new heights with the best Innova driver for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes Innova drivers suitable for sidearm throws?

Innova drivers are built with a variety of stability levels to accommodate a variety of throwing styles. Many Innova drivers feature overstable properties that allow them can tolerate the torque generated by sidearm throws. They frequently have ergonomic rim designs that provide a stable grip and release during sidearm shots.

Q. Which Innova driver is best for beginners learning the sidearm technique?

A slower, more understable driver that is simpler to handle might be an excellent alternative for novices. Innova’s Leopard and Leopard 3 drivers are perfect for practicing sidearm throws. These discs fly with control and can help beginners improve their form and accuracy.

Q. What is the difference between Champion and Star plastic in Innova drivers for sidearm throws?

Champion plastic is well-known for its tensile strength and ability to endure the rigours of forceful sidearm throws. It is more resistant to wear and tear, and its flight qualities remain stable over time. Star plastic, on the other hand, provides an excellent blend of durability and grip. It feels slightly different in the hand and may increase grip during sidearm releases.

Q. How do I choose the right weight for an Innova driver for sidearm throws?

The flying characteristics of the disc might be affected by its weight. Heavier discs are more stable and can withstand higher-power sidearm throws, but they may require more arm speed to reach full flight capacity. Lighter discs are easier to throw with less power but more susceptible to wind. It is important to experiment with different weights until you discover one that feels comfortable and manageable for your sidearm technique.

Q. Can I use Innova mid-range discs for sidearm throws instead of drivers?

While mid-range discs are not meant for maximum distance, they can still be useful for sidearm throws, particularly for shorter, more controlled shots. Mid-range discs from Innova, such as the Roc or Roc3, can provide consistent stability and accuracy for sidearm approaches and shorter drives.

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