DGPT All Star Event Preview and How to Watch

What a treat of a weekend. The super bowl and disc golf all star weekend. LFG!

Where to watch

If you are subscribed to the DGN (Disc Golf Network). You’ll be able to watch it live. I highly recommend signing up. Well post production is A1. I love being able to tune in live and catch some of the raw moments. 

Where is at

Tucson Arizona. El Conquistador Resort, previously the host of the 2021 Arizona State Championship

Who’s playing and format?




Thursday: Draft day baby!

You can watch it LIVE on YouTube & Disc Golf Network Thursday at 6pm Central Time. Top seeds get first pick. Eagle and Paige Pierce 

Friday: Skills Competition

Following an NBA/NFL style skills showoff competition. 

2 players from each time will represent 

Saturday: Doubles

Sunday: Match play



Who wins the all star event

Our predictions.

First things first our predictions are probably going to be hella off. So I’m going to update this after the draft. 

First predictions and my mock draft…


Eagle takes Kevin Jones. 

Calvin Takes Drew Gibson and Chris Dickerson

Eagle takes 

Calvin takes

After the live draft update

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