DGPT FPO Pre Season Rankings 2022

This article is going maintance and will be updated by end of day Tuesday Feb 8th


Paige Pierce
Kristan Tattar
Eveliina Salonen
Hailey King
Missy Gannon
Valerie Mandujano
Catrina Allen
Heidi Laine
Sarah Holkom

Alexis Mandujano

One thing I plan to do this season is do a better job of recapping the FPO field, staying up to date on it. And provide a comprehensive ranking. Similar to the MPO side I will keep these updated every week or two. However  

Similar to the top 3 on the MPO (Eagle, Ricky and Paul)

Paige Pierce #1

She’s the goat until dethroned. And it seems like Europe’s top talent is coming for it. But until further notice Paige is the goat. I’d be full not to have her in it.

Kristan Tatter #2

One of my fav players on tour.

Eveliina Salonen #3

I don’t know much about Eveliina or players overseas. But I think everyone (myself included) is going to be surprised at how good the EU players are on both sides of the pro tour. Eveliina has beaten Kristan Tattar more often than not in head to head. So I won’t be surprised if she ends up at the top at the end of the season. But it’s going to be a battle.

The chase card

Hailey King

Innova’s top FPO player. She surprisingly left Discraft early. Hailey King is just getting started. Well at times she can be inconsistent. Her ceiling is ridiculous. She can compete with anyone on the FPO side when shes in rythme.

Missy Gannon

The Throw Pink (USDGC) and DGPT winner. That says all you need to know about her skill level. How consistent she will be is what I pay attention to

Valerie Mandujano

Who’s got next?

Since I’m not as up to date on the FPO players. For the remaining rankings I got 3 that I think can make moves. Into the top 10 and beyond. We should keep an eye on them. I think each of them could win a major or elite series. And have multiple podiums. At least one of these 3 does the former. You heard it here first.

Alexis Mandujano

Heidi Laine

I don’t want to be wrong about how good I think the players from Europe are going to be. Since Covid they have to be hungry to come here and show everyone how talented they are. Heidi will likely come out firing trying to prove she belongs in the top 10

Heather Young

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