DGPT Las Vegas Challenge Recap 🌵

The first professionals of the season have been crowned.

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Let’s tee off 🥏 

Las Vegas Challenge Recap 🌵

I love this time of year. The snow starts to melt. We’re entering the last stretch of winter. But more importantly disc golf season is back. 

Last week I predicted that Calvin would win it (haha, 1 for 1 so far). But I became aware to late that Kristen Tattar wasn’t going to play this weekend. 2nd was Catrina Allen who would go on to win the event. Which comes as no surprise. 

Final Results


  1. Catrina Allen (-20)
  2. Missy Gannon (-16)
  3. Holly Handley (-15)

Catrina Allen started off the event strong and once she had the lead never really felt pressure. On Sunday she came into the event leading by 9 strokes over Missy. Even with a meh par performance, Missy’s -5 and Holly’s -9 round weren’t enough to apply pressure. I think if the play would’ve been more consistent they could have gotten a closer match up. Congrats to Catrina on starting the season with a strong performance. 

Rewatch FPO Las Vegas Challenge


  1. Calvin Heimburg (-31)
  2. Kevin Jones/Ezra Anderhold (-29)
  3. Kyle Klein/Drew Gibson (-28)

Vegas always seems to be a nail-biter for the MPO field when the tournament kicks off. The event started off great with Anthony Barela (my 3rd pick for podium) started off the event strong. As did Luke Humpries and Kevin Jones. Calvin started round 1 horribly. 

KJ and Anthony Barela would be the leaders going into Sunday round. KJ had a commanding 3 stroke lead. And looked like a lock for Sunday. But started off slow with Vinny making a strong push. However Vinny took a 6 (double bogey) on hole 7 and it seemed like the was on the coffin on the nail. But I think KJ played a bit to conservative. And with nothing to lose, Vinny’s putter was on automatic.

He would go on to win the first elite of the season and continue his momentum from last year. I think Calvin getting a win this early in the season is only going to set him up for an even stronger season by getting this one out of the way. Def check out the post coverage production below. 

Rewatch MPO Las Vegas Challenge

Season Predictions 

Let’s dive into some season predictions from The Albatross.

  • Calvin Heimburg wins his first major this season
  • Eveliiana Solane figures out her putting mid season (wins a major)
  • Henna Blomroos wins a major
  • Kevin Jones plays consistent and wins an elite this season
  • Maria Oliva wins an elite series

We got an article dropping next week with all the crazy predictions. 

This weekend there is no elite or silver series events. However the Memorial Championship is taking place. Here’s to hoping Terry Miller and his crew record and publish it later. 

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