Disc Golf Memorial Championship Recap

Who tames Waco? The beast is the 2nd stop of the DGPT Elite Series Tour

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On the lead card this week:

  • The Memorial Championship Recap
    • No elite series last weekend. But a stacked event nonetheless with great action
  • Waco Predictions
    • Who tames the beast at Waco, TX this weekend πŸ€”
  • Best disc golf content from the week
    • The best links for you to consume in less than 5 minutes (unless you watch the videos of course) 🀭

Let’s tee off πŸ₯ 

The Memorial Championship 

While there was no DGPT elite series this weekend. We did get blessed with some A-tier events. 

Formally known as the McMemorial championship (due to Pauls dominance of course). While PM wasn’t there. The field was competitive with some strong players. Including, Uli, Issac Robinson and Drew Gibson. 


  1. Ohn Scoggins
  2. Jennifer Allen
  3. Anniken Kristiansen Steen

The FPO brought an exciting match up among Ohn Scoggins and Natalie Ryan in round 1 (both shooting -5). However, after round 1. Ohn Scoggins never gave up the lead. By either shooting or matching the hot round every single day. She would finish the round -18. To dominate over Allen (-8). 

Watch 2023 FPO Memorial


  1. Gannon Buhr
  2. Aaron Gassage
  3. Anthony Barela

On the MPO side, it was an exciting tournament. Adam Hammes set the bar by going -16 (1104 rated round) on day 1. With AB shooting -14, just 2 back. AB, Hammes and Aaron Gassage would lead the way on round 2. Shooting -15 and -13 from the later two. 

Entering round 3, Gannon was behind a handful of strokes. He’d shoot the hot round of -12. Cole Radelan shot -11 to set the pace. Bringing Gannon (-31) just 1 stroke off the lead on the last day (AB, Gassage and Hammes all tied at -32). 

It was an exciting day as Gannon, Gassage and AB would end up tied at -39 to enter a playoff. Obviously Gannon would go on to win. But it’s worth watching the drama yourself. 

Watch 2023 Memorial Championship

Huge s/o to Terry Miller (aka the disc golf guy) for always giving us coverage of tournaments not post produced. πŸ™

Content to get through the week:  

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  • Tip of the week
    • Sling shot disc golf has some of the best advice to improve your form

Waco Predictions

The 2nd elite series kicks off Friday in Waco, TX. 


  1. Kristen Tattar
  2. Valerie Mandujano (if she plays)
  3. Catrina Allen

Contenders: Hailey King and Ohn Scoggins 

Last year Valerie Mandujano would earn her 1st elite series victory. She played phenomenal and had arguably one of the best shots last year with her approach on 17 (the last day of the round). 

I think she has a strong chance to repeat. And part of me wants to pick her but she’s not a guarantee as I type out this newsletter. Also the best FPO disc golfer returns this weekend.

Everyone knows I’m referring to Kristen Tattar. I expect she will start her season with a dub. But it won’t come easy. Waco is a beast. Catrina and Valerie might push a playoff. I also expect a strong showing from Ohn after her dominate weekend. And watch out for Hailey King. 


  1. Paul McBeth
  2. Gannon Buhr
  3. Calvin Heimburg

Contenders: Kyle Klien, Chris Dickerson and Brodie Smith 

I think McBeast comes into Waco and repeats as champion. He’s won before (twice) and had a strong performance at LVC (minus some last round hiccups). He’s had some time to rest and I think he is hungry to get a W early in the season. I think Gannon will have huge momentum from winning the Memorial. As well as Vinny (Calvin Heimburg) after starting the season with a dub. 

It’ll likely come down to the wire (hole 17). But I think Paul does enough to beat them in this tournament. I also expect a strong showing from Kyle Klein (he’s going to bounce back strong this year) and Chris Dickerson will also be making his 2023 tour debut. My darkhorse pick? The the dark horse, himself. Brodie Smith will have a top 5 finish this weekend. You heard it here first. 

Be sure to tune in this weekend. And next Tuesday we’ll check on how I did with my predictions. πŸ˜…

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