The Ultimate Guide to Disc Golf Gifts

Gift giving is an intimate gesture, the object that you choose for someone shows how well you know that person. Your disc golfing friends and family members would love to get a unique disc golf gift on any occasion. Whether it is the holiday season, Father’s Day gift, birthday of a loved one or any other special occasion, we often run out of gift ideas. The story starts with PS 4, books and gift vouchers and ultimately ends at generic gifts such as sweaters and socks. Instead of wasting your time and money on things that will just lie idle in the closets, buy a unique disc golf gift and improve the golfing experience of your loved ones.

But before moving on to the best gift ideas for disc golf lovers, think about what your loved one needs at the moment. There are practically hundreds of disc golf accessories that will make for excellent gifts. However, knowing what the person really wants will make your gift a well thought out present. Let us help you in finding the ultimate disc golf gift for your loved ones.

Let’s explore unique disc golf gift ideas, all the ideas shared in this blog are legally allowed to be used in all professional disc golf tournaments and championships.

Disc Retrievers

Any disc golf bag is incomplete without a disc retriever. While throwing discs and covering long distances might be fun, nothing kills the buzz more than a sudden mishap that makes you lose your favorite disc. The most tragic losses are the ones when the disc falls in a body of water or is stuck in a tall tree. There are some excellent discs retrieving accessories available that can make golfing fun. You can buy a disc claw or a golden retriever. A disc claw grabs the disc with the help of claws, whereas, the golden retriever uses two solid rods that drag the disc out.

Flashflight Light Up Disc Golf Discs

Flashflight or light up discs are an awesome and fun way of playing the game. As indicated by the name, these discs light up in the dark and are mostly water resistant. Nothing can make night time disc golf more fun than a disc that actually resembles and lit-up like a UFO flying through the sky. Here is a look at an affordable flashflight disc golf disc. If this fun disc golf gift isn’t lighting up your disc golfer’s eyes, then we don’t know what will.

Disc Golf Bags for All Levels of Players

All of us have that one friend who develops a penchant for a sport overnight. Disc golf surely has got that flare that can captivate any new player overnight. For all those beginners who are new in the game and want to build their gaming gear and accessories, a disc golf starter bag can be a great way of getting all that they need in a single bag. A good starter bag disc golf gift should contain different types of discs such as putters, mid rangers, drivers etc. along with a convenient carry bag.  Here (link within the website with a related article) you can see what kind of discs are better suited for disc golf beginners.

Similarly, you can curate a bag for all levels of disc golfers including intermediate and advanced pro level players.

Disc Golf Grip Enhancers

Disc golf grip enhancers help the players hold onto their discs when throwing in wet conditions (rain, sweat, melting snow etc.). Since disc golf is an outdoor sport, the players usually play in circumstances which often lead to slippery hands and a compromised grip. Your grip enhancer is going to be a great and unique gift for a disc golfer because it will come handy when nothing else is working. Grip enhancers either take moistures away from the hands and disc surface (sacs) or create a water repellent coat similar to the wax surfers use on their boards.

Disc Golf Shoes

the best disc golf shoes

Shoes are quite a personal gift and many people prefer buying shoes of their choice as they have certain habits and comforts in mind. We recommend buying a disc golf shoes gift only if you know the person very well. A disc golf shoe is something that is durable, can withstand rough tumbling runs of the game and is comfortable to wear. Disc golfers prefer shoes that have a great grip, are water resistant and can stand up to the long walks without injuring your foot. 

Portable Disc Golf Basket

A basket is a target used on a disc golf course as a sign of completing one hole on the course. The basket is made up of 18 to 40 chains that act as a trapper, a basket assembly, and a metal pole that is either connected to a portable base or anchored permanently in the ground. A professional portable disc golf basket is the one that can stand on its own on the ground without needing to be cemented. Disc golfers love to have a portable basket of their own so that they can create their own holes and practice their game in different fields and on different ranges. It can be played outdoors, in the grounds, as well as inside the house in the yard and even in an indoor space. Disc golf portable baskets come in lite as well as in heavy duty designs. The portable baskets lite are generic in nature, most of the pros have already played with them and the beginners will love to have one (it can be an excellent practicing companion). Heavy duty baskets on the other hand are some specific designs, if your gift is a pre-planned, well-discussed disc golf gift then you might consider discussing with the intended receiver as they may have something particular in mind. Here are some of the ideas for portable disc golf baskets for your convenience.

Disc Golf Disc Rack

Stack-A-Disc Disc Golf Rack on Amazon

This can be an excellent gift for any disc golf disc lover. As a person develops his game, adding on years of experience, accessories and equipment, he will need organizers to sort and store his possessions. If you have in mind someone who has an outstanding disc golf collection either stored in cardboard boxes or just lying around the floor, a disc golf disc rack can be a very useful and practical gift for them. The racks come in different designs and storage options. They can be used for discs as well as for storing other equipment.

Disc Golf Cart

This is also one of those items that are usually a permanent part of any disc golfer’s collection. A disc golf cart is used to push around not only discs but other disc golf accessories. Anyone whom you see walking around with a lot of discs stacked in their backpack can use a disc golf cart. Your gift will help them in carrying the accessories (including the backpack), on their cart instead of carrying it on their back.

The Disc Golf Getaway

If you are willing to go a little overboard with your gift and surprise, a disc golf getaway can be an extravagant way of making your disc golf groomsman gift memorable. Many small towns like Truckee California offer such getaways. These destinations are not just popular amongst the disc golfers, they are also equally enjoyed by the rest of the family (for a Father’s Day disc golf gift), or by the rest of the group members (in case of a disc golf groomsman gift) as there are other recreational activities too. In case of a particular disc golf getaway destination, you need to check three fundamental factors:

1. Locality: where do you want your destination to be? There could be areas near where you live, or somewhere far if you are planning to travel.

2. Cost: Depending on different factors, disc golf getaways have varied price ranges. Choose one that falls well under your budget.

3. Recreational Activities: If you are planning to take a group of different individuals (family or friends) along with you, you need to check what other recreational activities are available.

Portable Speaker With Distance to Basket GPS

Portable speakers can be a great disc golf gift for someone who loves listening to music on course while practicing, it can also be a splendid gift for a professional player. Most of the portable speakers connect to apps and other tech gadgets and can keep updating the players about different aspects of the game. Here is a great portable music speaker that you can use as a disc golf gift.

Funny Disc Golf Gifts

Some quirky gifts can immediately light up the face of the receiver. You can get custom printed t-shirts, mugs and even discs. Get inside jokes printed on t-shirts, hoodies and mugs and gift them to your loved ones. You cannot get anything more personal and economical than this.

Disc Golf Knowledge Vintage Metal Tin Sign Décor for Home/Office/Bar

This classy vintage art piece can improve the look and décor of any place that you choose for it. It can be used in bars, pubs and at home indoors and outdoors. The sign beautifully depicts different aspects of the disc golf game.

Disc Golf Gear Golf Towel

This is another economical disc golf gift idea. Constant movement during the game makes a person sweaty, a disc golf gear towel can be used on field in different ways. Some of the towels can be used as warmers too. Others come in anti allergy microfiber fabric and are great absorbents of moisture and sweat.

Disc Golf Basket Lights

If you know an avid disc golf player who does not differentiate between day and night, then disc golf basket light is the perfect gift for that person. The most apt will be LED lights that can sustain outdoor weather and can light up the basket in the dark. Most of the water LED lights are remote controlled.

Portable Neck Fan

Outdoor games mean sweat, dust, leaves and debris flying right into your face and eyes. And when all the residual dust flies into your eyes it not only irritates the senses, but also compromises the game. A portable neck fan can be a pretty nifty disc golf gift. Some of these neck fans are equipped with other features as well such as Bluetooth speakers and battery powered fans. Don’t waste your money on generic gifts, a portable neck fan can be an ingenious disc golf Christmas gift.

Electric Portable Pocket Heater Hand Warmer

Whether it’s an anniversary or a birthday, these compact and portable hand warmers can be a great disc golf gift idea. These hand warmers come in different designs and colors. They have different levels of temperature adjustments ranging from 95 degrees Fahrenheit to 130 degrees depending on a person’s needs.. 

Disc Golf Discs

This can be a quintessential disc golf gift idea. Buy a unique set of discs; some of the ideas that you can use include limited edition discs, pro tour discs, signature series discs, Christmas disc golf discs, Halloween discs and commemorative discs.

Disc Golf Cart Putter Pouch

If your buddy already has a disc golf cart, then another accessory that you can present him as a gift is a disc golf putter pouch. It can be an excellent storage for carrying up to eight discs, with separate pockets for rangefinders, phone, keys etc. It contains special compartments for towels, scoreboard, clipboard and minidiscs.

Disc Golf Disc Dots

Help your disc golfer friend improve his putting by presenting him these small yet useful disc golf disc dots. These are used to fit on the chains of the practice basket and help the golfer see the target link more easily. Classic disc dots are UV resistant and manufactured in such a way that they can last for a long time. 

A Smart Watch that is Compatible with Udisc App

Udisc is the number one disc golf app. Your buddy will love to have a smart watch (or even a jockey Bluetooth speaker) that can connect with the Udisc app and tells the player how far from a basket she is. A Udisc compatible smart watch will allow the player to check all the updates on her wrist instead of repeatedly pressing the buttons on a speaker, or looking at the screen of her phone. Not to mention the other multiple uses of a smartwatch that will surely make an ideal disc golf gift idea.

Roll – a – Stool Chair

During disc golf tournaments, often the players have to stand for a long time. Many disc golfers prefer to have a roll-a-stool chair of their own. You can use this compact portable chair as a disc golf gift. Different disc golf companies sell these chairs in different designs. These are lightweight and come with a strap and hence can be easily attached to the golf cart. Here is a link to a roll a stool chair that you can use for inspiration.

A Complete Package of Disc Golf Water Resistant Accessories

Disc golf is a combination of hiking, tracking and golf. Many of the tournaments are arranged in the extreme rainy season when everything is soaking wet, including the disc and the players. A unique and well thought disc golf gift could be a complete set of water-resistant accessories that can help in a game in the rainy season. It could include a high-quality flight towel, an umbrella, a grip enhancer, rain jackets (warm and stretchy), portable hand warmers and better grip disc golf discs.

Water Bottles and Travel Tumbler Mugs

One of the simple and yet most useful disc golf accessories, water bottles and tumbler mugs are the most essential accessories in a disc golfer’s bag. Stainless steel tumbler mugs come in different sizes and are great to carry water, beer and other beverages.

Rechargeable LED Frisbees

Rechargeable flying LED discs can be used as disc golf Christmas gifts. These glow in the dark discs are standard frisbee size and can prove to be a really popular gift amongst teenagers. These are brighter than any other LED discs and come in different colors. Most of these discs are equipped with motion sensors and smart modes.

Custom Created Wall Arts

Gifts are a way of telling how well you know a person. You can curate wall art for your loved one. A custom created metal disc golf decor wall art with name sign or house number can be your way of telling someone special how much you love them.  

Disc Golf Rangefinder

Disc golf rangefinder is one of the trendiest and lit disc golf accessories at the moment. As they are a bit pricier than other accessories, rangefinders can be an excellent gift for disc golf groomsman gift or as a Father’s Day disc golf gift. It is used to measure and monitor the distance when a disc is thrown. Experienced as well novice disc golf players are keeping this as a handy tool in their disc golf bags. You can buy a rangefinder here (add amazon link) and make a killer disc ball gift for the special occasion.

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