Dynamic Discs and Ricky Wysocki sign a 4 year 4 million dollar deal!

Ricky is going back to the Trilogy family. Where he won 2 world championships. His deal is one of (if not) the largest deals in disc golf history. Up there with Paul McBeths but maybe even better due to it only being 4 years versus 10.

Part of his signing bonus will also be a $250 bonus paid in #bitcoin. As a crypto fan that was neat to see!

When asked about why he left Innova early. He said we would prefer not to talk about it. Likely due to them ending on sour terms. My personal belief is Innova didn’t want to pay

It was also cool to see this picked up by a local media outlet (13 WIBW). Link posted below


Another sign of how this sport is blowing up.

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