Limited Edition Big Jerm Octothorpes dropping tomorrow July 21st 2021

What is dropping?

Pound is releasing another highly anticipated, limited edition Pound bag; Big Jerm Octothorpes.

About the bag. From Pounds Facebook page:

DROPPING TOMORROW WEDNESDAY JULY 21st 12pm PDT: 2021 Big Jerm Octothorpes: Sage dipped in Bordeaux with Matte Sand Zippers, Bordeaux Liner, Tan Accents & all the Upgrades: Tan Velcro Patch Panels, Scorecard Pocket, and Wider Long Pockets. These also come with ONE SPECIAL EDITION BIG JERM PATCH: $450/ea, 16 available.

Note, the product page will not appear on the website until we stock packs at noon. Adding the pack to your cart will not reserve the item. However, if you create an account ahead of time it will make checking out faster, which will give you a better chance at snagging a pack. Drops tend to sell out quickly.

Where to cop?

You can buy online. Be ready as these should sell out instantly and be on the sale market for a premium. The drop will be available on Pound’s website at 2pm central (12pm PDT).

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