Matt Bell x Thought Space Athletics

Matt Bell is joining Thought Space Athletics. He will have signature discs and jerseys. He will be their biggest star on the team entering 2022.

“[Thought Space] have the best stamps in the game, best gear in the game. I’ve got a signature disc coming out, as well as a signature jersey,” said Bell. “Everything you see me throw or wear you can get from them.”

Maine HQ company TSA has 6 molds currently approved by the PDGA. Expect more to come. You can learn more about the deal in the video posted Thought Space Athletics. Their disc are sponsored by MVP.

Expect some vary and limited stamps and jerseys to be out soon. Some will likely go for premium prices.

Matt has game and expect him to make a push in multiple tournaments next season. With the skills to walk away with an elite series win.

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