Matty O rolls to victory in Crimson Tide Fashion with a domination victory at the Stafford Open.

Round 1

Returning champ Michael Johassen was on Gatekeeper media’s featured card. He started off strong by finishing at -9. Alongside

Round 2

Moving day featured Matty-O on top at -13. With Justin Rosak -10 and Chris Villa and Michael Johassen tied for 3rd at -9 each respectively. 

Matty-O would keep his momentum by shooting a -12 under round and stretching his lead to -25 entering the final day. With returning champ Michael Johansen at -20 (shooting an -11 under round). Chris would drop out of the lead and chase card by shooting a respectable -4 (putting him at -13). Rosak would also stay on lead carding shooting a -10 under round and bringing his score to -20 as well. 

The hot round of the day was a storching -13. From GK skins host Luke Humphries. SHEESH. But despite the hot round, he would still be back 10 strokes as he entered the last day at -15 (tied with Nathan Queen and Jonathan Nicholson.

Round 3

Sunday looked like a typical Alabama football match-up. Pure domination from Matty-O. He shot a – under and had to pressure throughout the round. Solid play from the lead and chase card. 

But Matt’s game was clicking all weekend. Hence his dominant performance to be the 2021 Stafford champion. 

Matty-O performed to a high level all week. Shooting another -12 under round of golf. Saban would be proud of the dominant victory. 

From DGPT IG page (same as main image)

Check out this recent video from Luke Humphires’s Youtube page to see what’s in his bag.

PS: We had Matty-O as our favorite entering the weekend!

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