Money Moves! DGPT, Jomez and Post Production

You’ve heard it by now most likely. Especially if you follow us on Twitter or are subscribed for our weekly newsletter .

The Disc Golf Pro Tour announced their media production plans. You can read the annoucement here.

Jomez is one of the most prominent brands in disc golf. When things evolve and blow up there is always iconic people and brands behind it. Jomez is at the top of that list.

I myself got hooked into disc golf cause of a random video that showed up on my page and I played in the background… (one of the best spoutanous moments of my life).

Sure $500K is a lot of money. But as I said in the newsletter. Disc Golf is growing and so is the market. I’m sure Jomez knows

With that money going towards larger pureses. It also

OTB Skins by GK Pro

I’m not sure but this is A1 content that you need to watch

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