Paul McBeth

Paul McBeth is a considered to be the best players in the world. Arguably of all time. He was born July 9th, 1990. In Huntington Beach, California. He currently resides in Forest Virginia.

He rose to the seen with his first world championship in 2012. Going on to win the next 4. He would return to win again in 2019. Almost winning a 6th before James Conrad made his ‘holy shot’ in 2021.

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He started the Paul McBeth foundation in 2021. To bring disc golf to underserved communities. It has currently open 3 courses. His first in La Paz, Mexico. And the next ones in Columbia and Chicago Illinois.

To date Paul has earned the most cash. He signed a record breaking deal in 2021 with Discraft. 10 million for 10 years. A true pioneer in both the game and business side of the sport.

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