Pound dropping limited edition Octo Hauls

What’s dropping?

Pound disc golf is releasing a limited edition drop of octo-hauls. Called Saffron Series Omakase Octo-Hauls.

From their social media facebook page:

The Saffron Series Octo-Hauls are the brainchild of Midknight Threadworks and Silvertip. Every pack has a unique combination of accents and shoulder pad colors, some of which are not offered through the Custom Programs. All packs have Velcro Patch & Scorecard Pocket Upgrades.

6 colors are dropping with a total of 5 per combo.

Where to cop?

You can find these on Pound online store. This will sell out in minutes or even seconds. So be sure to on on your computer or phone, ready to check out. The product will not show until it’s 2pm central. Good luck to those attemping!

Images of the pound bags dropping

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