The Albatross 2023 FPO Pre-Season Rankings

  1. Kristen Tattar
  2. Catrina Allen 
  3. Henna Blomroos
  4. Paige Pierce
  5. Valerie Mandujano 
  6. Missy Gannon
  7. Ohn Scoggins
  8. Hailey King
  9. Eveliina Salonen
  10. Holyn Handley

Kristen Tattar #1

Kristen Tattar was the obvious #1 player in the FPO field last year. I don’t think it was even close. I expect her to have an even better season. She’s comfortable on tour and her game is only getting better. Everyone is coming for her top spot but I expect she’ll remain up there for most of the season and have a dominant season once again. 

Cartrina Allen #2 

Cat had a great season last year. Her putting has improved significantly. I think she has hunger to prove she can still be the best player. I expect her to have a strong season and push hard for the top spot. 

Henna Blomroos #3

I feel like it’s time for a newcomer to be in the top 3. I think that person is Henna Blomroos. 

Paige Pierce #4

Paige is still the goat. But it seems she is starting to wind down and not care as much. She’s had an amazing career. I think she will continue to 

Valerie Mandujano #5

Y’all know I’m super bullish on Valerie. She has the skill set to raise to the top 3 list. And when she is on she can win on any given weekend. She will need to be more consistent this season to move up the rankings otherwise the middle of the pack is a safe pick. 

Missy Gannon #6

Missy had a strong 2022 touring season. One of the best putters on tour. Her lack of distance is made up with a strong approach game, great mental game and one of the smoothest putts on tour. 

Ohn Scoggins #7

Ohn is quickly becoming a fan favorite. She played awesome towards the end of the season and I predict she’ll make a strong run this year and might just take down an event. 

Hailey King #8

Hailey king is likely too low on this list. She wasn’t as dominant as I expected last season. I think she bounces back. More so, she can climb this list pretty easily. 

Eveliiana Salonen #9

If Eveliiana can figure out her putting. Watch out. The FPO field is going to be stacked in the top 5. I’m hoping she puts it together this season and goes all out.

Holyn Handley #10

Holyn started playing great towards mid-season to the end. I expect her to carry the momentum into this season. 

Keep an eye out for:

  • Kat Mertsch
  • Ella Hansen
  • Alexis Mandajanu