The Albatross DGPT MPO pre-Season Rankings

The Albatross MPO (pre-season) rankings 

  1. Ricky Wysocki
  2. Paul McBeth
  3. Gannon Buhr 
  4. Eagle McMahon
  5. Calvin Heimburg
  6. Chris Dickerson
  7. Simon Lizotte
  8. Kyle Klien
  9. Isaac Robinson
  10. Drew Gibson

Ricky Wyoscki

How can I not go with Ricky #1. He’s been the top player (with minimal argument) the past two seasons. But my favorite thing about Ricky. Is he also plays with a chip on his shoulder (a lot of it is; Paul McBeth is the goat talk. But in addition to the fuel. His work ethic is 2nd to none.  

He’s going to come out swinging this year. I won’t be surprised if wins another 3-4 elite series and a major, at least. 

Paul McBeth

The goat. He still has plenty of great years in him (at least 3-5 is my guess, where he can dominate). As much as I want to give McBeth the top spot. He has shown he’s too inconsistent at times. When he is on. He is the clear #1. Especially when it comes to the clutch moments. But I expect he’ll want to prove he’s not just the goat but also the top player in the field still.

Gannon Buhr 

Paul and Ricky are the easy (and safe picks) for #1 and #2. Rightfully so. And as you can see I lean with that. But something tells me someone might challenge that spot (probably a healthy McMahon). But if I was betting a man (taking a lil risk), I think Gannon might finish as P1 this season. 

He’s a proven winner. He faced adversity (losing to Gibson in LVC). He’s only getting better. Oh yeah, and he hasn’t even turned 18. The kid is focused and hungry to be the best. 

He won a major (USDGC) and almost made a playoff push in the 2022 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship. 

Eagle McMahon

Haha, idk what I’m doing – obviously. Because Eagle is the most talented disc golfer. He’s coming back after taking time off last year due to his nagging (shoulder) injury. 

But last year he came out swinging and showed us an epic battle against Paul McBeth in the Europe championship. He obviously went on to win it. But that was a preview of disc golf’s biggest star (who has arrived) when he’s healthy. I hope he’s healthy this year. Because he might come out and regain his top spot. 

Calvin Heimburg

Vinny won not 1 but two major elites in 2022. Everyone talks about Eagles talent (which of course he is). But a close 2nd is Mr. Heimburg. It’s unreal how good these guys are. 

He still had moments last year where he cracked under pressure. But he got back on the winning train with two elites. I expect him to build on that this season. 

Chris Dickerson

Robot chicken had a bit of an inconsistent season. But he was able to take down the Green Mountain Championship (his first ever elite series – crazy I know). 

He’s arguably one of the best wooded players ever. And for someone who isn’t known for his arm. Make no mistake. Chris has enough power to compete even on the open courses (as he showed last year on multiple occasions). Since he didn’t win as much as expected last season I think he will come ready to prove himself. Only downside is he of course won’t play in as many season as usual. 

Simon Lizotte

OG Crush boy Simon Lizotte came out and surprised everyone last year with not 1, not 2, nor 3 but 4 elite series win. If he was more consistent he honestly could’ve been the top player this past season. 

I have him a few spots lower because:

  1. How the h*** does he go out and win 4 elites again with the competition only getting better. 
  2. He’s getting adjusted to a new bag. It takes time to truly learn your go-to discs and trust them.

With that said. Simon has shown he’s a top dawg and can come for the 1st spot when he’s on. I expect he’ll be on the winning train this season nonetheless. 

Kyle Klein 

I think Kyle is going to have the biggest rebound this season (among the top 10 players). It’s unreal how talented he is. He’s a winner and a force on the putting green. He’s a complete player and shows no signs of weakness in his game. Last year he was a bit inconsistent and just couldn’t put it together. I have no doubt he will win an elite series or even a major this year. 

Isaac Robinson

Isaac Robinson. PDGA 2022 rookie of the year. And rightfully so. His putting performance last year when he took down Idlewild. Unreal putting performance. 

Isaac Robinson Highlights | 2022 LWS Open at Idlewild

Drew Gibson

I’m a big fan of Drew Gibson. Disc golf’s finest form. And it’s been great to see him back in the winners circle the last two seasons. His putting has gotten better and continues to be a better player. He’s proven he can win on any given Sunday. I expect him to stay in the top 10 all season and push towards the top 5 (disc golfs finest) 

Players to keep an eye out for:

  • Corey Ellis
    • Needs to win an elite series. He’s been close but wasn’t able to get it done
  • Matthew Orum
    • Same with Matty O. Idk if he will tbh. I’d take the under but he has the skill set and I’m rooting for him to prove me wrong
  • Kevin Jones
    • Another player that when he is on his A game can compete and win on any given Sunday. But it’s been awhile since we’ve seen Kevin in the winner’s circle. Will this change it? 
  • Anothony Barela
    • I think this is the year he finally puts his game together and gets that first W he’s been chasing. Discraft produces winners. 
  • Adam Hammes
    • Last year was an off Year. I assume he bounces back this year. Easy top 10 when he’s on. But the MPO field is getting stacked
  • Dark horse
    • Brodie Smith
      • Something tells me Brodie Smith is going to win a competitive silver series this year. And also make a run for a couple elites