Top Disc Golf Courses You Have To Visit

Disc golf, with its exciting challenges and unique aesthetic, has grown significantly in popularity. The world now boasts an impressive 15,000 disc golf courses. In this guide, we bring you the top-rated disc golf courses worldwide, alongside a selection of the coolest courses, each offering a unique experience.

Disc Golf – A Rising Sport

Disc golf has been quickly gaining traction, and it’s no surprise why. Its allure comes from its simplicity and its blend of nature and skill. Just like traditional golf, disc golf also requires precision, strategy, and a keen understanding of the dynamics of flight. However, instead of hitting a ball into a hole, players throw a disc into a metal basket. The game requires less equipment and has a more relaxed atmosphere, making it an ideal recreational activity for many.

Top Disc Golf Courses in the US

The United States is a hotbed for disc golf, home to more than half of the world’s disc golf courses. Certain courses have earned their spot as America’s best, thanks to consistent positive reviews, challenging layouts, and excellent facilities. These courses span across the nation, from championship-level courses in Vermont to beautifully maintained parks in California.

Cannon Ridge Disc Golf Course, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Here Are The Top 15 Disc Golf Courses In the United States:

  1. Maple Hill – Leicester, Massachusetts
  2. Brewster Ridge Disc Golf Course – Smugglers’ Notch Resort, Vermont
  3. Caliber Disc Golf Course – Sandpoint, Idaho
  4. Eagles Crossing – Hawk Point, Missouri
  5. Fox Run Meadows – Smugglers’ Notch Resort, Vermont
  6. Blue Ribbon Pines – East Bethel, Minnesota
  7. International Disc Golf Center – WR Jackson Memorial – Appling, Georgia
  8. Lake Marshall – Lions – Montross, Virginia
  9. Faylor Lake DiscGolfPark – Beaver Springs, Pennsylvania
  10. Flip City Disc Golf Park – Shelby, Michigan
  11. Wildcat Bluff – Vinton, Iowa
  12. Harmony Bends – Columbia, Missouri
  13. Cannon Ridge – Fredericksburg, Virginia
  14. Idlewild – Burlington, Kentucky
  15. Hobb’s Farm Disc Golf – Carrollton, Georgia

Top Disc Golf Courses in Europe

Europe is making its mark as a disc golf destination, with several countries investing heavily in top-quality courses. These efforts have resulted in some of the best disc golf courses globally. The most impressive courses in Europe can be found in scenic landscapes, such as those in Norway and Sweden.

Krokhol Disc Golf Course, Siggerud, Norway

Top 14 Disc Golf Courses In Europe

  1. Krokhol Disc Golf Course – Siggerud (near Oslo), Norway
  2. Skellefteå Discgolf Terminalen – Skellefteå, Sweden
  3. Järva Disc Golf Park – Stockholm, Sweden
  4. Kippasuo Pro DiscGolfPark at Heinola DiscGolfPark World – Heinola, Finland
  5. Øverås Diskgolfpark – Vestnes, Norway
  6. Puijo DiscGolf – Kuopio, Finland
  7. Lundbyparken – Enköping, Sweden
  8. Upsatorp – Nol, Sweden
  9. Ymergårdens Discgolfcenter – Gold Course – Brämhult, Sweden
  10. Häfla Bruks DiscGolfPark – Rejmyre, Sweden
  11. Fålehagen DiscGolfPark – Motala, Sweden
  12. Momhøje Discgolf – Kibæk, Denmark
  13. Alviken – Västervik, Sweden
  14. Hiittenharju DiscGolfPark – Harjavalta, Finland

Featured: Coolest Disc Golf Courses

Some courses stand out not only for their technical excellence but also their unique vibe and memorable experience. A few of these remarkable courses include:

Lake Marshall – Lions, Montross, Virginia

Diversity of Disc Golf Courses

What makes disc golf truly exciting is the sheer variety of courses available around the world. No two courses are the same, each bearing the unique stamp of its location. A course in Massachusetts might be set in the middle of an idyllic, tranquil forest, while one in Sweden could offer panoramic views of vast, open landscapes.

Understanding Disc Golf Course Ratings

Disc golf courses are usually rated based on factors such as design, difficulty, maintenance, amenities, and the beauty of the course. This rating system allows players of different skill levels to find courses that suit their needs. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a gentle introduction to the sport or a seasoned pro in search of a new challenge, there’s a course out there for you.

Disc Golf Community

One of the reasons behind the growth of disc golf is the robust and passionate community surrounding it. Players are always ready to share tips, recommend courses, and help newcomers find their way in the sport. The sport is also known for its friendliness and inclusivity, which makes it a great choice for families and individuals alike.

The Future of Disc Golf

Ale Disc Golf Center, Sweden

The future of disc golf is bright. With continuous efforts being made to design and construct new courses, players can look forward to fresh challenges and stunning new locations to explore. Recent trends have seen an increase in urban disc golf courses, which bring the sport to city dwellers and showcase the versatility of the game.

Furthermore, as the sport becomes more popular, more tournaments and leagues are being organized, which adds a competitive edge for those who crave it. In 2023, for example, the Professional Disc Golf Association has scheduled more tournaments than ever before, and the disc golf community is buzzing with anticipation.


Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a weekend warrior, or a beginner, there’s a disc golf course out there that will provide you with the challenge, beauty, and fun you’re seeking. So, why not grab a disc, hit one of these top-rated courses, and see for yourself why disc golf is becoming one of the fastest-growing sports worldwide?

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