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FPO Rankings and All star weekend Edition!

Happy Tuesday!

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On the lead card this week:

  • All Star Weekend 🙏
    • Disc golf is back! All Star weekend starts Friday and the first elite series is next weekend
  • The Albatross FPO Rankings
    • Check out our top 10 pre-season rankings 📈
  • Wait who’s leaving Prodigy?! 
    • The off-season is winding down but there’s still moves to be made 🫣

Let’s tee off 🥏

All Star Weekend 

Can you smell that? Oh yeah disc golf is back (sorta). It’s the all star weekend. Things kick off this Friday in Tucson, AZ. The format is similar to last year:


  • Skills competition


  • Doubles competition


  • Singles competition
    • This is the most important as the singles match ups are worth 6 points.
  • Y’all remember this crazy putt Eagle made last year (2:55:34)

The Albatross predictions


Team Paul beats team Ricky in the singles match up and skills competition. Ricky’s team edges Paul in the doubles match up (Saturday). 


On the FPO side, I’m going with team Catrina over team Ohn. 

The Albatross FPO pre-season rankings 

We just released our 2023 pre-season rankings for the FPO field. 

In our post, I share details and who will raise to the top. But here’s my top 10 overall for those who don’t want to read all that 😆 

  1. Kristen Tattar
  2. Catrina Allen 
  3. Henna Blomroos
  4. Paige Pierce
  5. Valerie Mandujano 
  6. Missy Gannon
  7. Ohn Scoggins
  8. Hailey King
  9. Eveliina Salonen
  10. Holyn Handley

FPO Rankings

Did you catch our MPO rankings? You can catch up on that here

Ain’t no way!?

“Thank you @prodigydischttps://www.instagram.com/reel/Com6QDpr5PH/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Yessir! Gannon Buhr is leaving Prodigy. I don’t think anyone saw this coming. For awhile, pretty much everyone agreed that Prodigy was in good hands with their wonder kid. He loved Prodigy. So why would he leave? 

For it to come this late in the season. I assume Prodigy tried to lock him in for a longer contract. Their deal was likely ‘lowball’ (but great for an 18 year old). Except this is Gannon M’F’N Buhr. The future of disc golf who’s arrived. 

We know Money Talks! And Gannon knows he’s one of the best (he believes he is the best, rightfully so). Originally I thought MVP or Discraft would scoop him up. But after reading more into it. I lean with Discraft or Discmania.

Discmania does have extra cash laying around after losing Simon (MVP paid Discmania $1 million for Simon’s contract buyout). And discraft can afford anyone. They’re the mecca in disc golf. I’ll be surprised if it’s not one of these two. But I lean with the former.

Realistically I expect he’ll go with Discraft or Discmania. Let’s hope he announces the news before Drew Gibson 😂 This weekend I assume he will be throwing Prodigy/open bag

Content to catch up on

Eagle McMahon took down The Goat Hill Challenge. Great coverage (s/o Central Coast). 

  • Udisc released their top 100 courses
    • No surprises that Maple Hill took down #1 again. Who has the best chance to take that from them next year?
  • Trash Panda has come a long way. He’s been tweaking different discs. In this video you can see how he uses science to find the optimal flight numbers
  • Anothony Barela is going to have a big year (you heard it here first)
  • Debate night had a good conversation around Gannon, the all star weekend and disc golf content in general – throw this on your next long drive 
  • Have you tried out the 6x claws yet? Swanky disc golf dropped a video of them trying out each mold. You know I had to cop myself a zone and athena
  • Check out what Ricky has in the bag before All Star weekend
  • Check out the official schedule for this 2023 DGPT season
    • 4 majors | 13 elites and a ton of silver series in between
  • I want to start a podcast soon for this channel. If I do, I need Trevor to teach me his ways. He can land any guest. This time – OG Crush boy Simon Lizotte  

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