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? Preseason MPO Top 25

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BTW, what a game by Joe BRRRR, against the Chiefs. Rams vs Bengals. Who y’all got?  ?

Who’s the top dawg?

The Albatross DGPT Top 25

The Albatross Top 25 MPO field

Disc Golf season is 3 weeks away (2 including the All Star Event) but who’s counting… So it’s only right we drop our pre-season DGPT rankings.

The top 10 on tour

Ricky Wyoscki Paul McBethEagle McMahonCalvin HeimburgChris DickersonKyle KlienAdam HammesKevin JonesDrew GibsonMatthew Orum (aka Matty O)

The top 3 should be no surprised (they can be changed in any order). But they’re top 3 for a reason. They’re elite within the elite top 10. 

But Who’s got next?

Vinny has the talent to be the top dawg on tour. His skills are 2nd to none. But he hasn’t been able to piece it all together. Only time will tell if he raises or drops in rankings. Robot Chick is perhaps the best woods player along with Paul (IMO). He’s got the complete game, with a strong mental game. And his distance is good enough to keep up. But the interesting this is he plays to his strength, making him even more lethal.

I think Klein and KJUSA have the most potential to crack the top 3. KJ hasn’t had his breakout season yet. But his skills match Eagles, respectfully. And we were all able to see what Kyle can do. It seemed like he was just starting to warm up towards the end of the season.

Gibson is now a solidified top 10 player after this season. I expect him to continue to raise as a player. The question is what’s his ceiling? 

Hammes has shown when he’s on – He can literally beat and compete with anyones game. But he seems to be too boom or bust. It’ll be interesting to see how he consistent he is this season.

Matty O? He’s going to rolltide this season. I expect multiple podiums. The question is does he secure a dub and stay in the top 10 rankings all season?

In the top 25 with potential to break out?

The rest of the rankings. Including who I think can crack the top 10. 

11. Andrew Marwede

12. Väinö Mäkelä

13. Joel Freeman

14. Nate Sexton 

15. Nikko Locastro

Nikko Locastro. I know he gets a lot of hate. But he’s passionate, can skill compete on a skill level and his mental game is getting sharper. I expect nikko to go off. I just don’t know with who as a sponsor…

Gannon Burh. I mean this is an easy one. But Gannon really is just showing us who he is. The question is does he become the star we expect. If we can stay healthy and continue to sharpen his skills. There’s no telling what he does this season and beyond. But Ford and AB will be on his heels to enter the top 15

18-25 are the most interchangeable 

16 – Mason Ford17 – Gannon Buhr18 – Anthony (AB) Barela 19 – James Conrad20 – Simon Lizotte 21 – Andrew Presnell 22 – Corey Ellis23 – Cale Leiviska24 – Niklas Anttila25 – Jordan Castro / Bradley Williams (TIE)

Read the full article for my thoughts on the top 25 players on the MPO tour. I’ll be updating the top 25 throughout the season (it may drop to a top 15-20 rankings – based on feedback). Next week we’ll be dropping our DGPT FPO rankings.

The Iron Samuari Returns

Discmania (5 | 5 | 0 | 1) Iron Samurai 3

Discmania is dropping the 3rd edition of the MD3… Iron Samurai. Eagle’s go-to mid range. Previous Iron Samurais hit the resale market in premium prices. Used ones from $60-100+ and new ones easily in the $100-200+ ranging on stamp/color glow.

How will this one fare? Likely sell out asap. But Discmania so far seems to be producing more plastics to meet the demands of their discmaniacs. So resale hasn’t been as crazy. But with some misprints, rare colors or stamps. I think these sell at 2/3X retail. 

We also covered it on our blog. I will personally be getting one in each color. #NightRounds

Catrina + DGA reunited

DGA signs Catrina Allen

Catrina Allen made her long awaited announced. She’s going back to her roots. DGA signs Catrina. Details of her deal haven’t been released. But I assume it has to match or surprise what Kona and Kristan Tatter were able to get. Her accomplishments should match it. Hope to hear more details on it. 

It’s safe to say DGA is making some real money from their baskets. With Catrina and now Andrew Marwede on their team. They’ll have someone representing both FPO and MPO field that can make a run at it. 

Best content from the week ?

Eagle McMahon is going to replace reduce using his forehand by becoming ambidextrous ?He shows off his 400+ distance (accurately I might add) here.

Eagle never fails to surprise us…

Another Innova release, another Discmania copycat… Ahh I mean a hawkeye. Which will be Hailey King’s tour series She surprised people when she left Discraft early to join InnovaAdam Hammes made a sick throw in for the Eagle. Where he was able to take down the Maricopa Open.#BacktoBacktoBack You can watch footage here (thanks to Terry – The Disc Golf Guy)Want more offseason tournament’s to catch up on? Watch Arizona’s own AB take down the Shelly Sharpe MemorialHe took down 2x defending champ Adam Hammes, Jordan Castro, Drew Gibson and the hot round Cale shotWant to know of a website that can find you the discs you want? Check out https://stacks-on-stacks.com/ . Nikko Locastro still isn’t signed… what’s up with that? ?How many discs are in your bag that made the top 100 selling discs for 2021?I bag 4 (7 if using my cart) and own 31 of the discs in the top 100 personally. My favorite’s (Penrose, Buzz and Crave)Cynathia will be joining Kyle on team Discmania . Kyle was rightfully promoted to the Sky Team (joining Eagle and Simon)As the Disc Golf market grows, more content providers will emerge (haha awkward, that’s me). Foundation covered this on their podcast and on twitter. A great time for content – and still the early days — who are your favorite content providers?

Token of Appreciation ?

To kick off this newsletter. I’ll be doing a giveaway every week during the month of March! Some new and others slightly field tested. The first one will be a Uli stamped Hawk. 

Discraft’s midrange with a sick Uli stamp Hawk (4 | 3 | -2 | 2 ). This one will be given away in March. Subscribe and share the newsletter for a chance to win!

Thank you for reading the first ever newsletter. ?

If you’ve made it this far. I appreciate you. 

I love disc golf. Both playing it and consuming the content. My passion for disc golf lead me to wanting to start a blog and a newsletter. Hence, The Albatross. 

If there’s anything you’d like to see more of (or less). Please let me know. 

Salud, – Arod @ The Albatross

Looking ahead to next weeks issue ?

We’ll dropping our DGPT All Star preview next weekAlong with our FPO rankingsThe winners and losers from the off season And the usual best news and content, links from the week.

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