Weekly Newsletter #2

Happy Tuesday. This one got some good stuff added last minute. Hope you enjoy. 

Trivia Who has the longest skins streak (aka becoming a professional)?

A. Calvin Heimburg

B. Kevin Jones

C. Zach Melton

D. Emerson Keith

 *Answer at the bottom

What’s on the lead card? 📓

We’re getting some disc golf content this week!

DGPT All Star Event Preview and everything you need to know about itOur FPO Pre-Season RankingsThe best content stories curated for you

Let’s tee off:

🌵 ⭐ Who Shines At DGPT All Star Event⭐ 🌵

We’re getting some disc golf. And the DGPT kicks off in 2 weeks. Hallelujah!

It’ll follow a similar style to the Rydercup. Each captain will draft their team. And determine who does what for the team. Eagle vs Calvin (MPO) and Paige vs Catrina (FPO).

List of all stars:


Adam Hammes, Kyle Klein, Kevin Jones, James Conrad, Chris Dickerson, Drew Gibson, Matt Orum, Nikko Locastro, Ezra Anderhold (Alternate), Gannon Buhr (Alternate)


Missy Gannon, Sarah Hokom, Hailey King, Jessica Wesse, Kona Panis, Lisa Fajkus, Heather Young, Ohn Scoggins, Deann Carey, Rebecca Cox (Alternate)


Thursday: You can watch the draft live on DGN or Youtube at 6pm Central. 

Friday: Skills match up (Putting, Accuracy/shot shaping and distance 

Saturday: Duos with best shot. 

Sunday: Match play against your seed on the opposite card

The winning teams will receive a nice cash bonus 💸. Team Vinny takes down Team Eagle. But team Eagle does better in the skills competition. Team Catrina outshine team Paige. We got all the details below. 

All stars who will not be present: Paul McBeth, Ricky Wyosocki, Kristan Tattar

🏆 FPO rankings 🏆

Last week we dropped the MPO top 25 and why I got them there. This weeks it’s time to get into the top 20 FPO players. 

Paige is still the goat until further noticed. But the pressure is on. Europes FPO field are the biggest challengers. 

The top 10

Paige PierceKristan TattarEveliina SalonenHailey KingMissy GannonValerie MandujanoCatrina AllenHeidi LaineSarah Holkom Kona Panis

I think Valerie Mandujano and Alexis Mandujano (yes, they’re sisters) make the most moves. I think Valerie starts to put herself in the top 5 chatter. I believe that’ll push Alexis and she’ll be battling into the top 10. Who drops in order for her to do that?

Read the rest of my rankings. Agree, disagree with any? Which FPO player is going surprise everyone this year? 

The Legend is Stable 🙏

Scary news over the weekend. As a true Disc Golf Legend, Johne McCray suffered a heart attack at a tournament. He’s doing better thankfully. But shows short life can be. Even at Johne’s age. He’s still going strong and competing at a high level. It’s inspiring. 

It’ll be awhile before we see him competing again. But it’s great to know he’s on the road to recovery. Hopefully we’ll see Johne back on the course again. You can donate to help with recovery and hospital bills (via Venmo and FB). 

PayPal (Friends and Family option, please): jem9852@gmail.com

Venmo: @JEM15

You can find the post here. 

🗞️ 🥏 Plastic plastic read all about it 🥏 🗞️

There was mixed feelings on MVP and Madison Walker asking fans for certain molds and plastics. She recently joined Team MVP. I personally don’t think it was a big deal. Assuming it’s a short term solution. I’m sure MVP is prioritizing lighter weight discs to fit her bag.  

Cale Leiviska is joining Kevin with getting his own line. I wonder if Prodigy is going to do this more for their star players? BTW Cale lives the dream. A star disc golfer, course designer, DGPT may I add and host. Co-Owner in prodigy. His fire drop? The Falcor – a driver. 

A fan of Simon Lizotte stamp (SL)? Discmania Europe is dropping some heat here. Don’t worry you can order and have it shipped.It might just take a couple weeks. 

Drew Gibson dropped his Era from his disc company (FinishLine Discs)

Skins is back and better 

GK Pro announced their (first?) skins match for the pro tour at the Las Vegas Open. 

It’ll feature Vinny (Calvin Heimburg), Paul Ulibarri, Seppo Paju and the much anticipated Jackie Chen.

Uli and Vinny have some of the best personalities. So the shit talking should be good. 

You can watch Jackie Chen playing at the 2020 Asia Open here. I think Chen has a top 10 finish at his debut at the Las Vegas Open. I’m excited to watch him play and progress this year.

Around The Web 🗺️

Disc Golf is growing… really fast (it’s gotta be top 3 fastest growing sports in the US?). This chart does a great job of summarizing some of the recent growth as of late. #ToTheMoon 🚀 🌑Udisc dropped their best courses around the world. They’ll reveal the top 5 this week (starting today, Tuesday). Did your local course make the cut? 🏆The Mecca BRP made it to the top 10 again (rightfully so) despite all the new editionsPDGASTATS (not associated with the PDGA) dropped a cool article on who has won the most skins. (hence today’s trivial question). I highly recommend his twitter and new newsletter. Disc golf and stats – gotta love the the numbers 📊 🙌SI (yes, sport illustrated dropped this today). They make a strong case for who is the goat of Disc Golf. Ricky has a shot at it. But he ain’t the goat imo. You can read the article here. Who do you think is the GOAT?I got an article on this releasing sometime on March. It’ going to be good and maybe controversial … Spoiler alert, it’s Pablo McBeth 🐐Got a case of the Monday blues…. watch the latest Jomez Putting Game ProThat first ace is an amazing feeling. Same when your friends get it. Check out this wholesome video of 11 yr old Jack getting his first ace ever! Check out Andrew Marwede and Brickley having some fun in this putting match uphttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgTWbu5jNnU&feature=emb_logo

Haha, what a great meme. I love football. So I’ll be watching both. But this meme is accurate. Catch me watching the game on the big tv with the event pulled up on my iPad 😎

Trivia Answer – Calvin Heimburg | Has won the most skins. Always a professional 💰

On the card for next week 🤔

Our winners and losers of the disc golf off-seasonOur Predictions for the DGPT (drops in 2 weeks)DGPT All Star Weekend Recap and the best content from the disc golf universe

Until next week. Have a great one

-Arod @ The Albatross.net

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