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Hope your week is off to the right start. Congrats to the LA Rams for winning the SB. For us football fans – the season may be over but the best season is under two weeks away! And F1!

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DGPT All Stat Event RecapWinners and Losers of the off seasonThe best disc golf content curated for you every week

Welcome to the 20 new disc golfers who joined us last week

Trivial – Which player has an uncle that owns a smaller disc golf company. Hint it’s one of the mostly used putters for beginners and in general

Fireworks at the DGPT All Star Event 🎆

What an exciting event. I was pumped to have disc golf back. I got home Sunday from a morning round and immediately played the match play. 

The mock draft and skills competition wasn’t as exciting personally. But those are tough to make engaging. It’ll be interesting to see how that evolves. 

On the FPO side: Team Paige was up 2-1 after the skills competition. 

On the MPO side: Team Eagle was up 2-1 after the skills competition as well. 

Ohn Scoggins is DEADLY on the green.

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour)
Feb 11, 2022

Overall I rate the skills competition about a 7/10. It has a chance to improve. I’m sure it will. Here’s a recap of it. 

Double GG had a bomb of 661 feet. But him and Gibsons 601 feet weren’t enough. As Calvin and Ezra got it done with a combined 1280′ over 1262′ to win.

Ezra Aderhold + James Conrad = 754ft EAGLE 2️⃣

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour)
Feb 12, 2022

Doubles was exciting. I personally am a big fan of skins and double matchups. I hope we see much more of this throughout the season. Maybe it’s unofficial events but they bring in $$$ to the Pro Tour and players?

Deann Carey throws it in from distance! #LetsGoDiesel

Through 12 holes:

Gannon / Panis: -2
Carey / Allen: -4

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour)
Feb 12, 2022

The real excitement came during the singles matchplay on Sunday. Heading into Sunday Team Eagle was knotted up at 3-3 against Team Calvin. And team Pierce up 3.5 to Allen 2.5

In FPO. Team Catrina stunned Team Paige 7-6 to win the weekend. Over 90% of a poll thought Team Pierce would be victorious. But they thought otherwise 😎

All smiles on the green. #DGPTAllStars

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour)
Feb 13, 2022

Team Eagle looked in command through the event, especially through the front 9. Matty O was whipping Nikko… then the first ace of the season happened!

The first ace of the season clocks in at 536 FT!!!
🥏: @nikkolocastro

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour)
Feb 13, 2022


That switched momemtuem. Calvin birdied the back 9 and 11 of the last twelve holes 

But if you haven’t seen by now. Calvin responded with a clutch up shot. Likely securinng the dub. But Eagle pulled a Houdini act.

Run it back from all the angles.

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour)
Feb 14, 2022

Sheesh! But Calvin putt the pizza in the oven and was able to secure the dub for his team.  Team Calvin 7- 6 Team Eagle

Such thrilling event and ending! I can only imagine what we’re going see this season. 

💸 Winners and Losers this Offseason 💸

TLDR; That’s why we send this newsletter. 

Our 3 biggest winners

Ricky Wyoskki and Dynamic DiscsThe armed rebels? Infinite, EV-7 and open bagDiscraft

The Biggest winner is Dynamic Discs. 

Including Ricky Wyoscki. He landed a 4 year contract with $1 million a year in guarantee. And a $250K signing bonus in Bitcoin ₿.

But they also got Kona. And Valerie Mandujano – who I think is the next big star on the FPO tour. Dynamic has gone from a ‘do they have anyone who can compete at the top level’ to being the company that is going to be having podium finishes and elite series wins from their team on both sides. 

Armed Rebels

Open bag my be the future? Who knows what disc golf sponsorship looks like in 5-10 years. The sport is growing and money is going to keep rolling in. Making endorsements more lucrative. The future may be every player (especially the top 30-50) have a main sponsor and multiple smaller sponsors. But are able to throw what they want. 

Infinte and EV-7 have some serious talent representing them amongst Drew Gibson and Cale Radelan to name a few. Clash secured Nikko and Catrina joined DGA. 

I think this will continue to happen more and more. 


Super Star Team. They’re stacked! They have 2 of the top 5 players on tour (Chris and Paul). Those two can win over 50% of the events on tour with how talented they are. They have a brand that players love. Discraft is on a mission to become the top brand and they’re doing everything right. I predict Team Discrafts wins 3 of the 4 majors

The biggest loser?

Innova. Maybe we are overhyping this thing. But when you’re the top dawg in the market you should be rolling in cash. And able to pay your top players. Especially with the growth of the sport. You need the ride the wave, not fight it. They’ve lost Ricky. Who’s next, Calvin? 

I predict Calvin leaves at the end of his contract. To where? MVP… disc golf couples are a thing and they seem to go to the same sponsorships more often than not.  

Prodigy hanging on…

I think Prodigy is a close 2nd as they lost Chris Dickerson and Catrina Allen. Two true champions with still plenty of career left. They did a great job of retaining KJ. Someone who can still be the top player if he putts it all together and comes up clutch. 

But they also lost Matty O. One promising thing is they have Heather Young and Gannon Buhr. Two young stars with a lot of potential and likely the next big stars in their field.

Ultiworld has a helpful tool to track who is where after this off-season

Around the Meta Course

Speaking of Nikko Locastro. As many anitcapted he is open bag this season. With Gateway and… Clash Discs -100% Finnish disc manufacturer.Everyone wants to throw 450+ (myself included). But this post on Reddit serves as a great reminder that accuracy is more important. 350 on the dart (you can birdie most courses). Via RedditInto the olympics, say curling? A Disc golfer has won bronze. Pretty sweet!Disc Golf Network subscription will now include coverage of the USDGC and The European Open. Great news. I personally have a subscription and highly recommend itCheck out the latest Jomez Putting Game in foam pits 👇

Plastic Plastic Plastic 🥏🥏🥏

EV-7 (makers of the best putter – the penrose) are releasing an understable putter. The Mobius. I’ll be getting one and putting it up against the Axoim Proxy and Atom – releasing this ThursdayElevation is releasing a midrange. The Binx on 3/3 – expect these to sell out asap Scott Stokley has launched his disc golf cart… You can purchase one here.CT (crazy tuff) Luna is dropping tomorrow at 6pm – Also expect these to fly off the shelf. A mini will be included

🥏😲 Disc giveaway 😲🥏

Every week in March we are giving away a disc to one of you. Our awesome readers. All you have to do it be apart of this newsletter. 

Last week was for the Uli Hawk Stamp and the Discmania Genuis. 

. Sign up and refer your disc golf buddies! 

Uli Stamped Hawk (midrange)Discmania Genuis (from the holiday mystery box)MVP 2nd Lab Volt

What’s cooking for next week 👨‍🍳

Predictions for the 2022 DGPT SeasonHow and why a disc golf family built a course at a local church Las Vegas Challenge Preview and Predictions Content curated for you as always

Trivial Answer: Nikko Locastro. His Uncle ( David McCormack ) owns and operates Gateway. Makers of the wizard – his go to putter and one of the most popular putters on the market. 

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