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On the lead card this week:

Las Vegas Challenge Preview and Predictions Updated power rankings, in the bags and money moves

Disc Golf Pro Tour Stop #1 ⛳

This week.

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour)
Feb 21, 2022

Ahh disc golf season is finally here. Kicking off at the Wildhorse Golf Course, at Las Vegas, NV. Last year if felt like disc golf arrived and now it’ll have more eyes on it than ever before. With bigger expectations from the players and likely their sponsors. It was a well desereved record breaking signing season for many. It’s awesome to see professional disc golfers are now able to make a nice living from it and it’ll become more of the norm as the sport grows. 

With that said, let’s dive into what’s going down this weekend and my predictions:


Last year, Eagle, came out the gates showing off his dominance. I mean he even threw a Tilt, upside down. Unreal. I expect Eagle to come out and be chasing a repeat. But will come up short.

With a big lead on 18, Las Vegas Challenge champion Eagle McMahon throws the Tilt upside down for his approach shot and nearly gets it inside the circle!

— Ultiworld Disc Golf (@UltiworldDG)
Feb 28, 2021

However, after last weeks All Star Event I think Calvin is going to keep that pace of play. He seemed in rhythm with his putt. The last few years Calvin hasn’t become the top player we expected. Mostly cause of his putting woes in clutch situations. Perhaps this is the year. Nonetheless that’s my pick for the first event of the year and Eagle will be a stroke behind. 

Other runners, Ezra (who made a run at it last year). Also Gannon Buhr, Ricky Wyoski and 


What a card!  Honestly I think one of them takes it down. I’m going with Kristin Tattar to take it down in a sudden death playoff match, however. Against who? Either Paige Pierce or Eveliiina. However I think Eveliiina steals the spotlight. Showing off her skill set. But coming up short.

I also think Valerie Mandujano, Hailey King, Catrina Allen, and Heather Young, perform exceptional as well.

Things kick off Thursday. Can’t wait!

Around the course 🥏

Green Splatter – one of my favorite disc golf blogs I recently discovered. Dropped this gem. Play more like Philo. Work on playing your game and developing mechanics. Distance will come

Mahmoud Bahrani, the DGN Live Broadcast Producer did a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) on the disc golf subreddit. It’s awesome to see how thoughtful he was in his responses. You check it out hereI was wondering if there was any fantasy leagues for disc golf? And sure, enough there is. Check out Skip Ace! I recently created a league with some friends. I’ll have a write up on it soonPDGA released their new updated rankings finally. But I think UDisc are more accurate. Hopefully they end up combining them or having one go-to resourceUDisc released their growth report. Disc Golf to the Moon!

Foundation (content machines) dropped a new podcast with Trevor. First guest? Drew  Gibson. He made an interesting point about why he left Innova and went mix bag (with Infinite, EV-7 and now his own company, Finish Line.

TLDR; he says the big companies won’t depend on players like that. They’ll have contracts with Dicks Sporting Goods, Walmart, etc.

Which in large part I agree. The future of disc golf sponsorships is still going to evolve. Will mixed bag be the norm? 

Scared Money don’t Make Money 💸 🎥

It was announced that Jomez paid the DGPT $500K (yup, half a million) for the rights to lead cards and post production for the next two years.

That’s a lot of money. But I think Jomez got a heck of a deal. I’m sure when they’re back at the negotiating table. The next deal will be worth even more. But the business of Disc Golf is growing. The market will get larger and I expect Jomez to capture part of that market. Congrats to everyone!

We’re excited to announce our 2022 Post-Production Media Plan! Welcome back @JomezPro, @GatekeeperMedia, @GKProDiscGolf & @CCo@CCoastDiscGolfHit the link for more info: httpp

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour)
Feb 22, 2022

As well as all others who signed post productions deals with DGPT. Can’t wait to spend hours watching post production 😎

In the bag 🎒

Scott Stockley says the harp is the best wind midrange… Facts or nah? Nonetheless check out his tour series harp which dropped today

With the season two days away. Many pros have dropped their ‘In the Bag’ series. Check out some of the recent ones:

Paige Pierce in the bag 2022 season. I highly recommend the Discraft Passion. A buzz like fairway driverEzra Aderhold shows off one of his latest sponsors, Squatch. Along with the 45 discs he carries Discmania x Adidas merch 🔥🔥🔥 Thought Space Athletics newest addition, Matt Bell. He also recently dropped his special edition Penrose. Check them out

Disc Golf Giveaway 🥏🥏🥏🥏

Next month we are going to be giving away a disc each week of the month. We’ve added (a Uli Hawk, MVP 2nd Lab Volt and Discmania Genuis). Now … the James Conrad Nomad

All subscribers are automatically entered for the giveaways!

What’s cooking next week 👨🏽‍🍳

Recap and opinion on the first event of the season – The Las Vegas Challenge How the Tanner Family built the perfect putt and approach course in Bloomington, MinnesotaWeekly content from the disc golf universe

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