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On the lead card this week:

Recap of the Las Vegas ChallengeIs MVP better than other disc manufactures? Plastic drops and updates around the disc golf community

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What a start to the season 🔥🔥🔥


Heading into the weekend, most of the hype was around Paige Pierce vs the European competition. Especially the big 3 (Tattar, Salonen and Blomroos). I’m guilty of this

So Catrina responded by playing great golf. She started off by shooting the hot round on Thursday. And was able to stay on lead card throughout the tournament. But it didn’t come without a battle. Going into Sunday she was tied with Paige Pierce and only a stroke ahead of Kristin.

It was an exciting Sunday with multiple lead changes (over 5!). But in the end Catrina was able to take down the victory on hole 18. Her key to success? Her distance and approach shots were phenomenal. She made a statement this weekend to not leave her out of the conversation.

Kristin Tattar throws it in from 200ft!

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour)
Feb 26, 2022

Allen starts the season with momentum from All Star Weekend and LVC heading into Waco. Paige finished in 2nd with Kristin earning a podium 3rd. Salonen played decent but not as expected. Henna Blomroos didn’t do well as she missed the cut.


FPO set the pace for the MPO to respond with an exciting Sunday. And what a battle we got. We saw the arrival of the next generation, Gannon Buhr 🥶. Drew Gibson showed us why he’s entered the top 10 conversation and is now a contender every weekend 😎 

Gannon was playing like a veteran all weekend. Throughout the tournament he stay composed and played amazing. Still can’t believe he’s that good at 16 years of age. 

He stayed in control of the round throughout most of it. He was even up 3 strokes on Drew through 14. But Drew was able to cut it down to 1 heading into the last hole.

Gibson throws a perfect shot, setting himself up for the up-down. Then Gannon shanks his drive and gets some luck with the skip to stay in bounds. But Gannon didn’t get so fortunate with his approach and had some bad luck as he went past the basket to go OB. Opening the door for Gibson and he responded by parking it.

To force a playoff. And what a battle it was going not 1,2, 3 but 4 holes to determine the winner. On hole 7 Gannon went for it aggressively but ended up in the bunker. Drew played the veteran move by laying it up and then parking his approaching. Putting all the pressure on Gannon. Gannon would hit the top band and lose the epic battle to Drew Gibson. 

Yet it didn’t come with a handout. Aside from Drew and Gannon battling it out. There was a chase going on from the 3rd. Calvin Heimburg, Kevin Jones and Luke Humpries (don’t sleep on him) each shot a -13. Calvin earned himself podium (shooting -36 for the tournament) and KJ and Luke tied for 4th at -35. Two others shot -13 (Gibson and Thomas Gilbert). The MPO field is stacked 🥞

Showing off the short game, Tristan Tanner is a BAD man.

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour)
Feb 27, 2022

I expect Drew Gibson and Gannon to be contenders every week. They have to be in your top 10 rankings. And I predict this season Gannon gets his first elite series win and his first ace! This season is going to be epic and it’s just begun. 

Are MVP discs better? 🤔

If you still want some more disc golf tonight check out my new episode!

— Trevor Staub (@FDG_trevor)
Feb 25, 2022

Foundations new podcast with Trevor Staub. Featured MVPs marketing manager, Steve Holloway. It’s worth listening to. Trevor did a great job interviewing Steve. Steve joined MVP when the company didn’t even have 10 employees yet.

MVP is a younger company. When compared to Innova, Discraft and even Dynamic Discs and Discmania. But they are considered a big player in the space. The way there is FAANG for stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google). There is the equal for disc golf manufactures.

I enjoyed hearing how MVP approaches their marketing. They are product lead. Hence the Gyro technology. But they are data driven and want to make products that can be 1% better like a lot of ball golf marketing does. It’s a smart strategy and something that seems to be working for them. Another interesting thing is that they don’t expect their players to win. They want them too and know they can but they want them to be good people. Good people first. Good disc golfers 2nd. 

And since they won’t say it. Yes, MVP and Axiom are superior 🤭 Especially when it comes to glow plastic

PS: I think Calvin is MVPs big signing next year. You heard it here first!

Paul McBeth is back this weekend 😨

Know what I love about disc golf season? The fact that there is so many tournaments and coverage. The Memorial Championship kicks off this weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona. 


I predict Paul Mcbeth gets the dub. He is likely fired up after missing the excitement at All Star Weekend and this past weekend. I expect he’ll barely beat Drew Gibson. 

Battling it out for podium? Adam Hammes and Anthony Barela will be playing some great golf as well. No surprises if Anthony takes it down either as he plays exceptional in his home town of Arizona. But so do the other 3. 


I think the European FPO top 3 battle it out this weekend. and it’ll be them 3 fighting it out for podiums and the win. Kristin Tattar comes out victorious in the end. 

Footage is expected to be covered by The Disc Golf Guy aka Terry Miller and crew

In case you missed it:

 GK Pro Skins, powered by OTB is back! These are just as awesome and great to watch as live tournaments. Watch Uli, Chen, Heimburg and Paju battle it out for the first skins match of 2022

Cale Leiviska cash streak has ended after failing to cash. Ending a 13 year streak (4,850 days). 2nd longest? Sexton who barely made the cut thanks to the 4 birdies he was able to finish his round withAndrew Zimmer was on the Youtube show, Hot Ones. He talks about his obsession with the sport Watching the FPO field can improve your game more than watching Drew Gibson throw 500 foot rollersDisc Golf Network viewership set some records this weekend. FPO had the most coverage and MPO only trailed 2021 Worlds. Arguably the best event on tour – The MVP Open. Will continue for another 10 years after a $2 million dollar deal was done via Reddit

MVP Open  will continue in 2022 and beyond, as @MVPDiscSports  has penned a $2 Million/10 year deal with @Maple_Hill_Open!

— Alex Wirges (@Axiom_Al)
Mar 1, 2022

Plastic plastic plastic 

What tour series discs are you excited for? I personally can’t wait for the Drew Gibson Penrose LVC stamp to drop. Perhaps a finish line exclusive as well? Knowing Drew Gibson, we can expect something soon.

Sneak peak at the Skygod 4? Elevation drops the Binx this Thursday at 7pm central on their website

What’s cooking next week? 🍳

Recap of the Memorial Championship along with updated power rankings 👑Preview and Predictions for Waco (stop #2 of the DGPT) 🤔The opportunities and growth of the sport 🚀The best disc golf content and stories from the week

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