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Texas State Championships RecapPaul started on fire. Then he became a regular like us?All the links and content to stay updatedWe got you covered on new discs, merch and the best content from the weekAnother weekend of Disc GolfThe silver series resumes this weekend in

Let’s tee off 

Texas States Championships Recap🥈

Paul was my pick this weekend. He came out the gate swinging. As did Paige. 

They set the pace and honestly I thought they would go on to walk away with it. But yeah I was wrong. 

FPO Recap:

Paige set the pace and she was pretty in control all weekend. Round one she shot -9 (1020 rated round). Round 2 she would extend her lead. She looked like she was locked in to walk away with it. 

But round 3 would prove otherwise. Entering the last hole Paige had only a stroke on Kristan Tattar and 2 on Catrina Allen. But they both went OB and Paige would get her first elite series win of the year 🏆

The most impressive thing with Paige is that when she is on, she’s the most dominate. 

Paige Pierce (30) now has 3 times as many DGPT wins as 2nd best Catrina Allen (10)

Paige’s average margin of victory in those wins is 5.73 strokes which is the highest of any player with multiple wins

— PDGA Stats (@PDGAStats)
Mar 27, 2022

MPO Recap:

Last week I predicted Paul would walk away as the winner. I also said I might be here (this) week and say I’m a fool for not picking the then 5x winner. 

Round 1 started off looking like Paul was in McBeast mode. 

Make that 8 for 9. McBeth officially on fire.

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour)
Mar 25, 2022

But round 2 would paint a different picture. Paul looked average. Don’t think I’ve ever seen him play so badly, yet alone for two rounds. It would be Vinny and Ricky that would set the pace for the day shooting -11 each

New solo leader. Calvin Heimburg drops a BOMB and jumps to the top of the leaderboard on #MovingDay.

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour)
Mar 26, 2022

Calvin was locked in and he looked like he finally had his form down. He would enter Sunday with a 2 stroke lead over Ricky. But Ricky is a dangerous person to have on your heels. 

Calvin played good on Sunday. But with the field so competitive you have to excel. Ricky smelled blood and went for his 6th title at Texas State Championships

6 for 6. @sockibomb13 completes the comeback to stay undefeated at the Texas State Championship.

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour)
Mar 28, 2022

What a win for Ricky! First this season and with his new sponsor, Dynamic Discs. I can’t wait to see how this season plays out even more. Paul, Ricky are def on a different level. 

A disc camera and a dream 🥏 📹

Jonathon Gomez (the Co-founder and CEO of Jomez) shared a photo on Reddit and FB from when he decided to start filming tours. What would eventually go on to become Jomez.

The thread is worth reading. Must agree that Jomez is one of the biggest contributors to the growth of the sport (especially in the digital age). I personally think Jomez will go on to become a $100 million plus dollar company. 

He orginally wanted to film the pros. But they preferred he didn’t. He respected it. A few months later he snuck into worlds and recorded the final 9. And Jomez was born. 

Personal story;

I went to Simley and there was a local course there (The Valley DG). But just wasn’t interested. Fast forward a few years to the start of Covid. I got youtube on in the background as I’m catching up on emails. Youtube algorithm does it’s thing and Jomez appears. I couldn’t focus on my work. I was memorized by the lines the pros were throwing. Went to walmart later that week to get an Innova starter pack and I was hooked. The rest is history as they say 😉

He agreed to do a AMA on reddit. Can’t wait for that! 

In case you missed it:

So remember when we said Eagle’s season may be over? Perhaps that is still the case but he played in a local C-Tier this weekend and absolutely crushed the field (sorry local legends). Everyone loves a GOAT discussion. Scott Stockley recently shared his opinion on who he thinks belong on the Mount Rushmore of Disc Golf ⛰️Who makes it on yours? I’ll give mine next week. In the mean time S/O to MX Disc Golf for interviewing him and spreading disc golf 🇲🇽Disc golf is truly global. Ghana is having their first tournament next month! 🇬🇭It was nice to see Big Jerm excel this weekend. Placing in the top 10. I think people forget how good, Jerm was/is (and he can still play when he’s on). Check out this interview form the archives. Lots of good advice in thereCan’t wait for Drew Gibson to be back on tour (he’ll be at the major next month).In the mean time check out this buttery form 🧈. Thanks to Hill Tribe Outdoors & Disc Golf MVP launched their circuit challenge. Which allows anyone to throw an unsanctioned event (where only those discs can be used). Y’all know I’m a big MVP fan but this pack looks 🔥You can register your event here. Want to improve your game? Of course you do. Check out Scratch to Scratch by Uli. Loving these episodes so far 📜

Should baskets be standardized? I think so. The DGPT is considering it in the future. I think this the right move and also one that can bring in more revenue. 💰

Silver series Preview ⌛

The next elite series isn’t until April 22nd. The Jonesboro Open. Thankfully we got silver series in between 🙌

Last year we saw Mason Ford rise to the scene in a playoff victory against none-other than Ricky Wyoscki. Unfortuantely Mason won’t be at the event this year. 

Where to watch:

Post production will be available after the tournament. DGN subscribers will be able to watch the final round live. (DGN please start offering all 3 rounds to subscribers).  🤞

The Albatross Predictions:

Originally I was thinking Mason was going to defend his title. But change of plans.

Chris DickersonHe’s been playing great all year and is still getting dialed with his Discraft bag. I think he comes out and gets his 2nd win of the seasonKyle KlienKyle has had a rather slow start. Someone I had high on my list this year. He still deserves to be up there but it’s been a slow start. I think that changes this weekJoel FreemanJoel is playing impressive golf this year. I think he’s someone we need to keep an eye on and NOT be surprised if ends up taking multiple podiums… Who knows he may just win an event this season.

Contenders: The usual top players but I don’t think they’ll take it down. But podiums wouldn’t surprise me. 

Nikko LocastroKevin JonesAdam HammesChandler Fry

🥏 New Plastic Arrivals 🥏

Discmania dropped some long awaited heat. The Mutant and Splice. I was able to snag the early drops last year and they immediately went into my bag. There’s a ton of reviews out there on them.You can snag a Mutant here and a Splice here. Both great for the heavy wind days!Discraft Tour Series Discs are here. Including the Luna, Buzz and Undertaker to name a fewWant the best cart on the market? Place your Ridge Roller in now. May orders start soonCart season is almost here (for us MidWesterners) and as R3 owner myself I highly recommend

What’s cooking next week? 🍳

Recap of the ‘Music City Open’Our first exclusive article on the blog Preview of the next Silver Series Event

Drumroll pls… 🥁🥁🥁

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